Cost of Flying with Young Children

Updated on July 28, 2007
C.R. asks from Rowlett, TX
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Hi Moms. Can someone give me an idea how much airlines charge for children to fly?
I have a 10 month old and a 3 year old. I wondered if most offered a discount for younger children to fly?
How about on Charter flights? Like all inclusive vacations packages.
Thank you for your help,

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for everyone's replies. My husband and I was "throwing" around the idea of maybe a trip for the summer. We'll have to consider the cost. We would like to go with another family to Disney next year too. It would be worth every penny paying the flight instead of taking the drive!
Thanks again for all of your help,

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Well the 10 month is golden you can fly for free until they are two years old. The three year old is going to cost you full fair. Mine is turning two in sept. and im going to realllly miss that lap child free thing. they charge full price regardless of the age because they are occupying a seat. Enjoy the lap child for free while you can. I can imagine paying for two kids would start to get a bit pricy. Good Luck!!



answers from San Diego on

Hi C.,

Your 10 month old can fly for free until he is 2 years old - unless you choose to buy him his own seat on the plane. You'll have to pay fare for your son. I'm not sure if any airlines offer discounts for young children and at what discount they might offer. I heard that AA does not offer any discounts at all. When we were flying overseas with my daughter, we looked into buying her a seat, this was through AA and Finnair and they did offer a discount for her seat. It was close to half of what the adult ticket would be. Call around and get some info from the airlines, they'll be your best source of accurate information.

Wherever yall are planning to go, have a great trip!!




answers from Dallas on

Hi C., For children under 2 they can fly for free as long as they sit in your lap. I did this last year with my then 9 month old. We already booked our flight to San Diego for Christmas and decided this year to buy my son a seat and it is classified as an infant in a seat, however, the price was the same for his seat as it was for ours. Your best bet is to call the airlines or you can also price it out online.



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As far as I know, airlines charge for the seat on the plane regardless of the age of the passenger. However, I recall that if the child is two years of age or under, they can fly for free, but they have to stay on your lap. That was a long time ago when I did that and don't know if the rules have changed. The best place to get the most accurate information is to just call the airlines. Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

A lot of airlines charge half price for children...but if the tickets are not full price, then the price is the same for children as it is for adults. I never buy my tickets when the prices are outrageous so it is usually the same price for my son as it is for me. Call around and let us know if you find out any information... Good luck. :)

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