Cost of a Will?

Updated on May 27, 2008
S.E. asks from Carrollton, TX
5 answers

My husband and I need a will for our family. What can I expect to pay for a will?

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we did this recently and used Karl Bryant in Dallas - it was around $750 I believe but don't quote me. He is good and that is what they focus on. You might be able to get it less but not sure where. We looked at but we wanted to make sure everything was exactly as it should be especially when it came to who was going to take care of our kids in the event we both died or who would be in charge of our medical care in the event hte other was not alive..all those types of things.,-...



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It all depends on how easy or complex things are.... but for your average family you can probably get it done for about $1500. You can do it for less.... It's a hard call... not something you really want to get done cheap... you want it done right.

Don't know about ... they say they can do a simple will cheap. But that doesn't take care of guardianship of the kids (if you both die). But maybe they can do that too.



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One of our dearest friends is an attorney who specializes in will, planning, etc. Here is his contact info:

Jeffry B. Foust, P.C.

4501 Merlot Ave
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Telephone: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####

He has 2 boys and is a great Christian, family man. Tell him Travis and J. referred you. He'll take good care of you and yor family at a reasonable rate.



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My husband and I had wills drawn up a few years ago, and it was around $300. We found a man in our neighborhood who was a corporate attorney that prepares wills on the side. I would highly recommend him. He came to our house and walked us through the process. He was much more affordable than the firms we had looked into. I have misplaced his contact info, but his name is John S. Cosenza, and he lives in Flower Mound.



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I think I spent around $600-800 a couple years ago. Of course it all depends on how complicated your will is, if you have a blended family, want to set up trusts, etc. I was very happy with my attorney.
Susan Whitson Periquet
5700 Granite Parkway, Suite 200
Plano, Texas 75024
###-###-#### Telephone
###-###-#### Facsimile

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