Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat, Need Help!

Updated on March 19, 2011
L.L. asks from Sandy, UT
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I am looking to buy a second car seat for my 14 month old. It will be used as a spare and in his Nana's car, so not his main car seat. Has anyone used the Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat? Been in a wreck with your child in it? Did it protect them?

I am getting mixed reviews online. Of course it seems to be "bottom of the line" and I understand there isn't a whole lot of cushion/padding; I am mostly wondering about experiences you've had and how it protected your little one in an accident (if you were in one).

I am expecting our second child in September, so I can't afford to spend a lot of money on the "Nana's car seat" but I do want to make sure it is safe. Thanks so much

***Updated: Also, I can't find it noted anywhere, but does it come with the LATCH system??

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answers from Tampa on is a good place to find info/recommendations on carseats. Actually they recommend this seat often because of the price. Yes, it is the bottom of the line-not much padding, etc. but it is a safe seat when used correctly.

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answers from Memphis on

We got one as our second car seat for my son. The reason we chose it was that it received the highest rating from Consumer Reports including their highest rating for crash test. We haven't had it long but so far it's been fine and actually fits our car better/tighter than our other more expensive car seat.

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answers from Montgomery on

Well, since no one answered your original question, I will. I was involved in a crash on this week, and my 15 month old son was in a cosco scenera, forward facing, latched, not seatbelted in. The man rear ended us, totalling his car. My suv was damaged as well, but i am still able to drive it. The car seat did it's job. My baby is fine. He also had no bruises or red marks from the harness straps. He didn't even cry! I am using my mother's seat until I replace mine, it doesn't appear to be damaged, but i'm not taking any chances. The guy that hit us didn't have insurance, so it looks like I will be replacing out of pocket. I am looking into a more expensive seat though, I thought about what if we were hit side impact. I am not sure how well it would have done in that case. Hope this helped.



answers from Huntsville on

We had one of those as our daughter's primary car seat, and then we gave it to my parents when we moved up to the Cosco convertible seat for 40lbs w/ 5 pt harness & belt-positioning booster. We haven't had any accidents with either seat (thank goodness!), but we've never had any problems with the seats!


answers from Minneapolis on

The Cosco Scenera is a bare bones seat, nothing fancy about it. BUT its a very safe, very affordable car seat and you should feel very safe using it for your daughter. For $50 you will get a seat that will rear face her until she's at least 2, and forward face her to around age 3/4yrs old, when you can consider purchasing anohter seat for her.

All new car seats come with the LATCH system. LATCH is also available in vehicles after year 2001. The LATCH system is no safer than the seatbelt installation, and the two should never be used together. LATCH also has a weight limit, most vehicles and seats limit the LATCH to 40lbs. AFter 40lbs (on higher harness weight seats) you MUST use the seat belt to install.

So go for it. It will make a great backup seat (we use one for travel.



answers from Salt Lake City on

That is the carseat we've used for my son for the past 3 years and have had zero complaints. We love it! We've used it to drive across the country, and he never once complained about being uncomfortable. I like how easily you can tighten/loosen the straps, and it's lightweight, so easier to transfer to a different car if needed. It does include the latch system....we've had ours "latched" into our van for 2 years now. Great carseat!



answers from Lakeland on

We have the Britax Regent for our daughter - and she LOVES it. Personally, after watching the video on youtube - I wouldn't consider another brand of carseat. This one will accomodate her until she is 85lbs as a full 5 point harness carseat - not a booster. I know that you didn't ask about a booster - but since that is the next likely step - and they are cheap - if I were you I'd watch this video and try to get the Britax - should your child be any less safe because he is in Nana's car rather than yours? What about just investing in the best seat and moving it too her car when you need to? Like I said - we have the Britax now - and among other things - it is SUPER easy to swap from car to car - much much easier that the previous Eddie Bauer seat that we had.
If you go to youtube, and search "5 point harness car seat" - watch the first video posted by kcmiller family. It is very very enlightening......and by the way I am in no way connected to the family or that video in any way. Good luck!


answers from Provo on

I personally wouldn't ever want to sit in a hardly padded at all seat. I'm not saying go and get some overly plush seat, but something with more than the cover. I follow a rule with my son. If i don't eat it myself the I wont make him (you can replace the eat with what ever). Unless it's some thing shot or medically needed. Obviously. I'd suggest a Graco seats. I personally trust them more than any other American brand (Europeans have higher safety standards then we do. Go figure.) Also if the plastic feels like a McDonalds Happy meal toy then I wouldn;t think about getting it at all. Just my two cents.


answers from Barnstable on

Honestly, I adore my Graco My Ride 65. They have it at Walmart for $115.

I also own a Britax and I PREFER the Graco - much bigger! It is worth the extra bucks.

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