Corn Starch vs Talcum Powder

Updated on September 22, 2010
C.M. asks from Livonia, MI
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Hello Mama's
Yesterday I read a posted question looking for a certain brand of powder, in reading the answers one mother stated that talcum powder is bad for your health. So being a mama i went home to see if the dollar store version equivalent to shower to shower powder that i use has corn starch or talcum and it has both. So my question is what are the health concerns with talcum powder that i am not informed of.

Thanks Mama's

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So What Happened?

the powder is for myself

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answers from Little Rock on

Never use Talcum powder on a baby. It causes inflammation of the lungs if it is inhaled and can stop or impair breathing. I really would suggest using a Cornstarch based powder on a child. In fact, you can use straight Corn Starch if you are looking to save money. For an adult, if you are using this on yourself or a teen in your home is using it, just a regular bath powder would be fine as long as you are careful not to inhale it. I personally prefer the Johnson and Johnson baby powders for both myself and my children. My favorite for myself is the lavender scented one. They are talcum free. Every regular bath powder that I have looked at contains talcum powder. I don't think there is as much harm to it for an adult, but for a baby you are using it so close to their face and the chance of them inhaling it is greater. Most baby powders are talcum free, but occasionally (usually in dollar stores) I find talcum in the ingredient list.

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answers from Atlanta on

I was the one who responded. I first heard about this around 10 years ago. Here are some links on the topic:

I like Shower to Shower too, but the overall results have been enough to get me to use only cornstarch powders on myself and my kids.

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answers from Kansas City on

Talc has been shown in some studies to increase the risk of cervical cancer. If you're putting it in your panties or in a female child's diaper, I would use corn starch. You can buy corn starch baby powder if you like that smell or just use the regular ol' corn starch in a box, either works fine.

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answers from Houston on

My child was allergic to most lotions and bath soaps, not to mention most of the diaper rash paste. I used just the plain old corn starch since she was an infant on. It was the best as it absorbs the wetness and helps protect the skin. It is an oldie but one of the best. As she got around 9months, we were able to start using the desatin.



answers from Detroit on

Talc is a mineral and although it is extremely soft it is STILL a powdered stone that can be inhaled or end up inside the body where it can cause irritation, inflammation and although rare, has been linked to certain female cancers.



answers from Detroit on

it can also cause your baby to have asthma.



answers from Detroit on

There are health concerns about talc. I t would be best to Google it and read about it. I don't recall all the issues. I found some powder at Whole Foods in the Organic section that has no talc. I have to think non-talc powders are avaiable in alot of health food stores.

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