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Updated on March 12, 2008
V.G. asks from Marietta, GA
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I have a 3 year old boy and a 6 month old girl. My boy have a friend that is 4 years old, and cry for everything, so my son just started doing the same. Some times I just try to skip the play dates to avoid the learning. I just don't know what to do. We met the new friend 3 weeks ago, and my son started that this week.

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answers from Atlanta on

this may sound harsh, but have you tried to ignore him when he starts crying like the other child? maybe if you show him that kind of behavior is NOT rewarded and you are not going to acknowledge it then he may stop. just don't give in because once you do he's not going to stop. and if you make a big scene about him crying all the time he's not going to stop. b/c he is seeing a reaction and that's something to him.
best of luck

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Well, he's only 3 and you as well as others is who he learns from. Get eye level not looking down on him and ask him what is wrong, then respond with an answer. Let him know you hear him if you are teaching him to look at you when you talk then lead by example you also look at him when he talks. Tell him you don't have to cry talk to me, tell mommy. I don't think I would ignore him because this again is a learned behavior and if he does it to you will be up set. I would save the ignore behavior for if he's trying to get your attention while in time out not for teaching him not to cry while talking to get something from you.
My personnel opinion I avoid parents and children that have a negative impact on my kids period. If the other mother isn't trying to teach her child not to do this she will possibly have problems in prek when this child goes to school. If you try your best to keep your kinds around positive situations and parents that tend to these situation with their children then great in less it's that way for me and my kids I tend to loose interest in the relationship.Sorry just my opinion for me and my family since I've been there and done that. Best wishes on this situation.

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answers from Sumter on

When he is crying, try not ignoring him, but looking at him so that he knows you hear him, but make sure he knows you are waiting for the appropiate behaviour before you respond. You will have to explain it a few times, but now if my son asks w/o saying please, he looks at me a minute and then it clicks and he asks again or says please!! Or you could try answering him and then when it continues, get his attention, ask him (on his level) what was Mommy's answer? and that may help him calm down enough to hear it. Kids will always see how far they can get with you, it's just nature. Just be consistent and don't give in, it may not stop but you will see it less and less.

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answers from Athens on

mabey you should keep the 2 boys away from each other for a couple of days for a while,

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answers from Savannah on

Don't stop the play dates but if you know you son is only doing it because the other child is then ignore him when he acts that way. Tell him how you want him to ask for something in a proper manner. Instead of whining for juice, teach him to say More juice please or how ever you want him to ask. And don't give him what he wants untill he asks for it properly either. He will learn that just because the other boy gets his way when he acts like that he won't. You may see more tantrums and fits and crying, but hold you ground with it. You are the adult there for you call the shots and make the rules, not the kids!!

It falls under the monkey see, monkey do faze.
Good luck!

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