Cool Store for 13 Year Old Girl

Updated on December 11, 2010
M.H. asks from Denver, CO
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Hi there.
I am buying a gift for an unknown 13 year old girl. What is the cool store to buy a gift from?? (for clothes)

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone, I went to Aeropostale.
It's an adopt a family gift - I appreciate the help. The whole store was on 70% off sale!!

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answers from Killeen on

My daughter is 12 and she loves Aeropostale,Hollister, ambercrombie and fitch....she also likes some of the stuff at Justice but has outgrown it a little. Claire's is good for accessories!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I'm not sure what your budget is, but some things you could get:
a calendar (I loved mine when I was that age. I kept records of all my friends' birthdays, etc.)
books, but if you don't know her, that could be tricky
hair accessories (again, you don't know her style, so tricky)
a cute hat (it's cold in Denver!)
or gloves/scarf
lip gloss
nice smelling soaps
art supplies
you could mix and match any of these, depending on your budget
Have fun!
OOPS! I just saw the "for clothes" at the end of your post. I'm not really sure! I guess it depends on what sort of style you are going for. That's such a tricky thing. I tend to be more classic in the style I let my children wear. It is such a personal thing.

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answers from Austin on

My niece is 13 and I purchased a gift card at Abercrombie.. my sister says that is nieces favorite store..

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answers from Dallas on

Abercrombie (by far #1 on my almost 16 yr old and has been for YEARS)
Hollister (same family as Abercrombie)
DSW Shoes
Charming Charlie accessories
Victoria's Secret (bras and panties)
Metropark (Rock Republic jeans)

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answers from Washington DC on

My 13 yo loves Justice but she is at the biggest size. They go to size 16/18.
I like Target and Penney's, I will not shop in Deb, too trendy and trashy.
Abercrombie and Fitch is a good one
Mine also likes Old Navy
She also loves DSW shoes.
Claire's for jewelry
Fancy Q also jewelry
Icing by Claire's

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answers from New York on

If she is unknown, I'm guesssing you have no idea of her size. Therefore, I would stick with a larger department store like JC Penney or Kohl's, that has juniors, misses and even plus sizes.

Claire's is a fun store for jewelry.

You may want to even consider Target. She could get clothes, music cd, book, toy or game.



answers from Redding on

It's so hard to buy for a 13 year old girl. Unless you want to get her a gift certificate and let her pick things out herself.
Accessories can be worn with anything and I love to get those things for girls this age.
I have a thing for watches. All kids need one and they make darling ones for girls. Hair accessories, friendship necklaces, some girls like cute scarves to wear in their hair.
Clothing is too hard to pick because of the fit unless you go for a cute cardigan or hoodie.
You can't go wrong with little handbags or sparkly journals with pens.

I hope you get some great advice. Styles have really changed since my daughter was 13.

Best wishes!



answers from Chattanooga on


~Ah. for clothes... no clue.



answers from Detroit on

My daughter is 13 and just loves Aeropostale, some of the other stores listed here while very popular can get pricey. The Tee shirts are pretty good and you can get a relly good price on them right now. Good Luck.



answers from Jacksonville on

Justice for girls. They sells clothes geared to the tween age group. Not too horribly priced either. I've mostly seen them in malls but I've noticed a few free standing ones where I just moved too.


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