Cool Places to Go in a Limo with Teen Girls?(Instead of Father/Daughter Dance)

Updated on May 27, 2011
K.S. asks from Albany, CA
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For those of you following my "story", I decided (after the enormous amounts of amazing advice from all the wonderful mommies) what I am going to do this weekend for the Father/Daughter Dance situation (read my questions/answers to be filled in if you aren't familiar). The dance would just be too hard for my girls and I, as would the entire process of that day, so they aren't going. Monday was one month since he's been gone:(.

Since he had already rented a limo for the entire day, I am going to keep it and take my girls out for a day and night on the town. We are going to have a "Girls Night" and just have fun and try to get the focus onto other things for one day. They are picking us up at 10am and the limo is ours until 2am. Their Dad was originally supposed to take them to dinner, the dance and then out afterward for dessert. He was supposed to be working out of town this week and returning Saturday at 2pm, so he rented the limo to pick the girls and I up to go get their hair and nails done at 10am. I am going to continue with some of this plan, but I am running out of things to do and it is getting extremely costly.

We NEVER spoil our kids like this, but this was supposed to be a special occasion. In addition to the dance, my daughters are graduating from 8th grade. This was also to celebrate that they have had a 4.0 for their entire school career thus far. We don't pay them or reward them for grades, however that is a big accomplishment and we are so proud of their hard work and wanted to really go all out and celebrate their success with this and a few other achievements.

Right now, we are being picked up at 10am and going to get hair/nails done and out for Afternoon Tea. We will come back here, get all dressed up and go out for a very nice dinner. Now I have dead time after dinner, though, and am looking for some ideas of cool stuff we could do that would also take advantage of the limo. Any suggestions? I don't have a problem paying for it, but nothing too ridiculously extravagant. I have no clue what to do from 8pm and beyond. Nothing that would be specifically about Dad. We just need a day to get that off of our minds and I want to keep it focused on fun, laughing, etc. It will be just the three of us. Thank you so much!

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answers from Washington DC on

Since you will be all dolled up, maybe get a photographer to take a photo of you together. I know this could be a little painful in come ways, so I hesitated a bit to suggest it, but it would be nice to have a photo of the women together :)

Can you see a show somethere - theatre, concert?

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answers from San Francisco on

I see you're in Albany (not too far from me actually!) How about going to see a show in San Francisco? I think Billy Elliott is playing, I saw it on Broadway a few years ago and it was incredible.
And I am so, so sorry for your loss :( I hope you and your girls have a wonderful day and evening together.

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answers from Chicago on

I know in your profile you said you live in the Midwest somewhere. Are you close to any big cities? Maybe take the limo into the city, drive around and take in the city lights. Maybe do dinner in the city, and then see a show, or go bowling, or mini golf. If they are wearing long dresses those last two might be a little strange though :) Have fun, and take pictures!

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answers from San Francisco on

I was going to suggest a concert or show also. If your location is correct, check out the local theatres. There are a log of fun shows I've heard about. I'm a littl further South in CA than you but I recall (not specifics sorry) that there were fun shows at Lesher in Walnut Creek. Shake Rattle and Roll was playing in Livermore but I think that may be far for you to travel. All the best to you ladies!

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answers from Norfolk on

What about finding a drive-in movie theater? That way you could hang out in the limo and watch a movie. Hopefully a funny movie that will lift your spirits.

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answers from San Francisco on

An art museum or a art gallery might be a good choice. It sounds like your girls are the kind that would appreciate it and it might be the perfect balance of special night out but also quite and reflective. I love going to museums with my sons as we end up have the most wonderful conversations. Also, in most cases, museums are not going to be terribly expensive.

I hope you have a wonderful time.

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answers from Chicago on

I am so sorry for you and your girls. I lost my dad when I was 8 and it does get different, a lot less painful.

I saw you are in the midwest. Are you near Chicago? There a lot of great shows in right now that might be a fun, carefree night and a lot of the resturants downtown have special "show" packages so they make sure to get you out on time. It's also supposed to be nice this weekend.. maybe a boat ride or something if you are near water.



answers from Dallas on

We have a family friend who lost his wife right before their daughters wedding. They did something that was spectacular and beautiful after the wedding for the closest friends/family. They bought sky lanterns for all of us to release. After the wedding, they gathered us all outside near a gorgeous lake and each of us made a wish on our lanterns, we lit them and let them go. The soft light bouncing off the lake was such an amazing end to a gorgeous evening. It was emotional but so appropriate to honor the mother of the bride who was in heaven looking down on all of us.


answers from Biloxi on

Do you have any theaters in your area? Not movies, but theaters with live people in plays?

Amusement parks? Rides, Ferris Wheels, carney games?

Art galleries ( if they are open that late)

Crazy clothing shops that sell vintage and period pieces

Just my random thoughts.

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