Cool Gift for Middle School Aged Girl

Updated on November 14, 2012
K.S. asks from Dexter, MI
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I have two daughters under 2 and out of the loop on what is cool for the middle school aged child. My godchild is starting middle school this fall and I'd love to get her a gift to encourage/motivate her. She is the youngest of three girls and she has a lot of anxiety about starting middle school. I was thinking maybe a bracelet or necklace that she could wear everyday she goes to school that she would really like, maybe her mom could only let her wear it when she goes to school or something? I have a feeling she is going to struggle with the adjustment so I am hoping someone has an idea of what I could do to help or if there are some gift ideas that someone could suggest that has middle school aged kids (girls).

Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Sacramento on

There is a great book series by American Girl and I highly recommend all their books. There is one titled A Smart Girls Guide to Middle School. Consider also getting her the ones A Guide to Friendship Problems, The Care & Keeping of You, The Feelings Book, and Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends about bullying.

My 8th grade daughter still pulls them out and re-reads them occasionally and now she's sharing them with her 10 year old sister. They are beautifully written and incredibly informative in an age appropriate way.

I think the jewelery is a great idea too

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answers from Portland on

Hi K.,

I have a friend with a young teen. For the past 5 years or so, I've taken the teen out for a girls day, normally for her birthday instead of a gift. She and I talk about stuff, shop and have fun. She loves this. I've found that she comes to me quite often now to talk through issues she's having, and I think it's due to our outings.

This is something my grandmother did for me and I LOVED it. The gift of time with a special adult is so bigger than an item.

Maybe take her to the make-up counter at the store and have a professional show her how to apply make-up and buy her a litte. But go with her and make it special day.

R. Magby

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answers from Dallas on

One of my favorite gifts to get for girls this age, is initial jewelry. I always order from the same shop! She also has other beautiful jewelry, with inspirational words. Here is her link for initial jewelry:

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answers from Dover on

Why not treat her to a day out and get her manicure/pedicure as she transitions from little girl to junior high kid.

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As one MIchigander to another, I agree with Lucky Mom. My daughter is 11yrs old going into 7th grade and she loves the American Girl series. It is very informative and helps them with things that mom may be willing to talk about but they ( middle school girls) may be too shy to talk about.

She will be encouraged that you thought about her and gave her this special gift to get her started with middle school. Good luck!!!

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answers from Charlotte on

Check out my website.. we have alot of things for teens that are really neat.
Be sure to check out the Teen section!

Uppercase Living

Website: Http://

Copy and past this to direct your to the Teen section of our catalog! :)

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answers from San Antonio on

Look in magazines or on tv for the coolest new purse. SPLURGE -- go shopping and let her buy a purse she really likes, one that will fit her style yet is also styish.

I also like the idea of a book or two. There are a lot on there, so go to and read reviews before purchasing.

So yes jewelery too. Maybe some new hair products -- headbands, cute clips. Everyone (tweens I've seen) seems to be wearing those rubbery bracelets that keep their shape. Maybe get some of those if she wants to be trendy.

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I really think that it might be nice to make her a school care-package that includes some things that she might need/want in middle school - and in it, a nice necklace or bracelet that she can wear. Here are some ideas:

- A student planner
- fancy pens and mechanical pencils
- "toolbox" (a pencil box with erasers, a mini-stapler, fancy paperclips, etc.)
- locker accessories (mirror, etc.)
- notebooks
- a nice place at home to work (however you can help make that happen)
- iTunes gift certificate for her iPod, if she has one
- a cellphone case if she's got one
- surviving middle school book
- a card telling her how much you love her and how proud you are of her, and that you believe in her and that she can succeed in middle school
- a charm bracelet with charms that depict things you love about her
- lip gloss
- nail polish

The trick is to make her feel grown up so that she knows that you recognize her growth and believe that she can succeed in this more difficult environment but still recognizes the fact that she's only 11 or 12.

Good luck!


answers from Austin on

I just spoke to my niece who is pretty cool. She will be in 7th grade this year. She said she would like a nice key chain for her back pack, maybe one with her initial or a cool necklace. Maybe even with the school mascot on it..

Your Godchild is going to be excited!



answers from New York on

Just wanted to chime in... My daughter is 11 and in sixth grade. She's a little in the serious side, but her and her cousin read the American girl books a few years ago. Liked them a lot, but might be a little old to start them now...

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