Cooking/Baking With Stevia (Need Help Today for Thanksgiving Recipes)

Updated on November 27, 2008
M.L. asks from Raleigh, NC
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Hi Mommies :) I was writing today to ask are there any avid Stevia users out there? I first saw it about one year ago in Whole Foods. So I went online and I've read about the stevia plant in South America. I've read a little bit about cooking with it on the net yesterday. Is it true that you have to make up what's lost as far as substance with something like apple sauce? If so, how much apple sauce? Is it true and 1/2 tsp of stevia is equal to 1 C of sugar? Anyone have any good recipes. I found one good site with free stevia recipes. On many you have to buy the book, or pay to subscribe to the site for the recipes. I'd like to make apple pie, pumpkin pie, and fresh cranberry sauce with it for Thanksgiving. Sorry that is so last minute since I need to make these things today for Thanksgiving tomorrow. My sister-in-law is off of sugar so I'm trying to accomodate her. If anyone reads this and has something to contribute thanks to you!!!!

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Got some great responses! Thank you so much for the information!

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answers from Charlotte on

I do not know anything about stevia except that my neighbor uses it in her tea and coffee. I would love to learn more about stevia and talk with you further since we both home school. Please contact me.



answers from Asheville on

Hi M.,

I sell Stevia and have used it in cooking. Most people don't care for it because there is a bitter after-taste - so using it only in certain types of recipes is usually the only time most people use it (like for brownies). In recipes or foods that are liquid (tea, coffee, beverages, sauces, etc.) stevia is usually not liked at all.

Yes, typically 1/2 tsp stevia does equal about a cup of sugar (though sometimes a little more stevia is tastier, it just depends, you'll have to do a taste test).

Yes, you will have to add another ingredient to make up for the lack of density in recipes. There's not any clear cut measurement. Use the measurements you've found on the internet as a 'guide.'

There is another option that a much larger majority of the people like better than stevia which is, Agave. It's a liquid, much the same consistency as honey and used/measurements would be the same as honey. The differences being is that Agave is extremely low-glycemic (glycemic index 11) making it a good choice for diabetics and those wishing to cut out sugar.

Agave is delicious, most people LOVE using it in place of sugar for everything. It has no bitter after taste either. Most everyone agrees that it tastes better than honey.

Because I sell both Stevia and Agave I've written some articles on my blog, here are the links if you would like to read them...

Blue Agave - a low-glycemic sweetener

Stevia Extract - a zero glycemic index sweetener

The Truth About Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

Cranberry Sauce with Tangerine Essential Oil (and Agave)

Happy Thanksgiving,



answers from Charlotte on

Let me know what you find out. A friend of mine uses Stevia as a sweetener and I am going to look into it more.



answers from Nashville on

Thanks for the question. I learned a lot. I use stevia and really like it, but it took a little getting use to the taste. I appreciated the response you received from Evelyn.

I have a grandbaby that is three and has trouble with sugar. She gets low blood sugar when she has too much sugar and I regularly give her unsweet things to drink, etc.

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