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Updated on November 29, 2011
B.R. asks from Dallas, TX
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Any suggestions for a convertible car seat? Our son is 10 months old and has outgrown his infant carrier. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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You all are awesome! Thank you for all your help!!! This is great!

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answers from Dallas on

I love the britax marathon. Very easy to install, comfortable/soft, easy to put her in and best of all goes to 65 lbs. I also have a safety first as a back up which was also easy to install and got great ratings. I like it too. Good luck.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Target is having a Cyber Monday sale on a Britax right now. It's a good deal even if you have to buy a different cover for it!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi B.,
I would suggest a Britax marathon convertible car seat. The harness straps go up to 65 lbs when you turn your son forward and there is plenty of room for him rear facing. The seat can run anywhere from $200-$250. I bought one on for about $169. Keep an eye out you can find them on sale and use a babies r us coupon if you have one near you.
Hope this helps!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Britax does make nice carseats, but they are pricey. We went with the Graco myride 65, and have really liked it. It's much cheaper and has the same weight limits for rear and forward facing.

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answers from Denver on

We have two Britax Marathons, my kids are 3 and 5 and still in them. LOVE THEM and well worth the money

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answers from Dallas on

I did quite a bit of research and came up with two good options: the Graco Nautilus and the Britax Frontier. Both convert to a booster with a five point harness, and then down to a regular booster. We went with the Nautilus because, from everything I read, it seemed to be equally safe and easy to use. The Frontier was a little more "comfy" but my kids are rarely in the car for long rides, and never more than an hour. Also, the Nautilus was half the price.

I'm quite happy with the Nautilus. The only aggravation is the placement of buckle - its sort of far back, and my son always sits on it, and then we have to dig around to get it out. However, other than that, no complaints. Also, my son likes it because it has a nice cup holder, and storage slots he can shove cars and other treasures in.

The only thing about using $$ as an issue - If we had but two Frontiers instead of two Nautiluses, we would have paid $300 more, which is a substantial amount - however, if you spread that out over the five or more years your child uses the carseat, its really is not alot more.

I think this website is an excellent place to read about carseats: Its by a bunch of carseat tech people, who are really only interested in function of the carseat, and are not so swayed by brand and marketing. Search the carseats you are interested in and I think you will get some great information.

Edit to add: oops - misread your post and was thinking your child was needing to move into a seat that would convert to a booster later on. Still 0 check out the car-safety website.



answers from Los Angeles on

Any Britax seat is great. We have a Marathon and a Roundabout and I'm really happy with both. You can't go wrong with Britax.



answers from Austin on

Britax has already been mentioned, but the Graco mentioned is also good. I have a Marathon and a MyRide and I like both of them for different reasons, but the Britax I am definitely able to get a more rock solid install on. Also there is an Evenflo Symphony or Triumph (Symphony is really easy to install properly with LATCH and has good weight limits on RF and FF harness. Mostly it is best to go to the store and see what your child fits in well, and then try those out in your car to see if they fit in your car well and that you can understand and use them and install them properly. Any carseat that is on the market is considered safe but installation problems cause a majority of seats to be installed incorrectly. You want to keep them rearfacing also up to the rearfacing weight limit of the seat.

Other good ones, First Years True Fit and Sunshine Kid's Radian (this one is narrow so good if you have a tall thin child or need to put the seat in a smaller space or try to get several across).



answers from Minneapolis on

I had asked this question 6 months ago when my son outgrew his infant carseat. Britax marathon was like everybody's favourite. I went ahead and got a Britax Marathon because I wanted the 'safest' carseat for my son. It was way more expensive , bulkier but I bought it since so many moms recommended it. And it was ranked very high for safety in accidents, so I made my choice based on that. Now am I happy with that carseat ? Actually not a lot. It's just too bulky , not super easy to get my son in and out. I have a mini SUV so the size is ok for my car. It's just too heavy , so we went ahead and bought a cheaper carseat for travelling. We wanted something lighter for carrying it in the airport , so got a lightweight Evenflo carseat for around 100 dollars. I somehow like this carseat better than the britax. It is compact, light weight . I like the strap adjustments. It might not be as safe as a britax if in an accident, but the carseat itself is much more easier to use on a daily basis than the Britax. My son seems comfortable in both of them. We have taken him on long drives in both and he doesn't fuss with either of them. In the summer I used to see him sewat a LOT in his britax. I hadn't used the Evenflo carseat back then with him. But later with cooler temps he does fine in both . Both carseats don't have good head support if kids decide to sleep in them.



answers from Dallas on

I am very happy with the Britax Boulevard. It is big! But off the charts tall 4 1/2 year old is still using hers. We bought it when she was about 8 months old. She had outgrown her infant seat. I



answers from Washington DC on

My friends and I really like Britax. I figure that cost per use over the lifetime of the seat (now their Marathons go to 70lbs) evens out that it's a little pricier than some other seats. I have a Marathon as do several other friends. Other friends have Frontiers.



answers from Dallas on

We had a Britax Marathon, which was fabulous, but pricey. Both my kids are in a Graco Nautilus ( now & it could be the last carseat you own. It's a 3 in 1& we LOVE it! Looks like they have some great online sales going on, too. Good luck! :)



answers from Houston on

When I was ready to move my daughter up, I checked Consumer Reports. Their "best buys"/recommended were the Evenflo Triumph and the Graco MyRide 65. Both go up to 65lbs.

I went with the Evenflo, and so did my mom for her car. It was middle-of-the-road in price and had several cool features. Same for the Graco, just different cool features. Evenflo is about 120 at BabiesRUs and the Graco is about 150. Waaaaayyyyy cheaper than the Britax, but still has similar weight limits and is just as safe.

I'm a huge fan of Consumer Reports when I need to make a major purchase - I check there first, then check out real people reviews of their recommendations.

I'm very happy with the Evenflo.


answers from Dayton on

Love my Britax Marathon70.
The Britax Roundabout55 is a good seat too. Slightly cheaper. :)

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