Convert 8Mm VHS Tapes to DVD? Anyone Know? - McKinney,TX

Updated on May 03, 2010
K.J. asks from McKinney, TX
5 answers

Our camcorder uses the 8mm VHS tapes. You can hook it up to the tv and view the recordings, but it is a pain. I would love to be able to convert them to disc, I just don't know how.
Or, should I just buy a new camera that is uses the DVD or hard drive? Our camera is only 2 yrs old and barely used! Things are obsolete so quick, though.
Anyone have suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

I finally asked my husband. This is something I have been wanting. He said at Fry's, they sell it in the software department and it comes with software and a converter. He thought it was about $80. It basically converts anything audio/visual to dvd (vhs, 8mm, old records, etc.) They may have something specific to 8mm to dvd, but it will cost more. He said the less expensive one will do the same thing. Hope this helps. I'm sure anywhere they sell software will have it.



answers from Phoenix on

Goto they did our tapes to dvd for $4.99 a tape, based here in the Phoenix area. Ritz camera wanted $30, forget that!


answers from Dallas on

I don't know how to do it but my first place to inquire would be at Best Buy. I have received some great advice from the geek squad at the Plano store.




answers from San Antonio on

I don`t know, but I also have the same problem, my old 8mm tapes are just sitting there, if you have the answer please let me know too.



answers from Dallas on

I do this as a business. My business is called Unforgettable Slide Shows, where the main focus is on photo/video montage DVD production. And I also do video transfers to DVD. I can transfer any analog or digital video tapes to DVD. You can go to my website for more information at The cost is $25 per tape (up to 2 hours of video); this is for a straight transfer.

If you are interested in doing this yourself, my professional advice is to invest in a good DVD Recorder... one that accepts both analog and digital inputs.


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