Contractions (38 Weeks) and Bowel Movements.

Updated on July 13, 2012
E.B. asks from Miami, FL
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Moms, I'm really emberassed to even call the doc and ask this. But almost all of us on here are ladies so I know you would understand. I hope I can get some answers. I posted a question in the beginning of the week that I thought soon I would be going into Labor... nope nothing yet. Since wednesday I've had a lot of contractions, but very sporadic so I know it's my body getting ready. Yesterday I noticed baby has really dropped. She's very far down there. I had a couple contractions today I don't think they are braxton hicks because they start from my lower back and make their way around. Any how, I noticed something today that I didn't think about earlier. Every time I have a contraction I have a bowel movement. This has been since Wednesday. I've been very regular with this pregnancy so I know that I am backed up. What can this possibly be?? My butt is extremely sore (I know TMI) I'm sorry. My doctor is a male, so talking about this is very humiliating. I have to have a c-section and am scheduled for Wednesday the 18th. But I'm kind of curious if I should go get checked and make sure I'm not dialated or anything. I'm just worried with all this off and on contracting that baby might come soon. But why am I having this BM every time. I've never gotten far into labor. All three previous have been c-sections. This stuff I'm feeling is completely knew to me.

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answers from Denver on

it could be a few things I think (as Im no dr but I like to try to be) One your body could be starting to "clear" things out before labor begins. Sometimes people will get really nauseous or get diarrhea as a pre-labor symptom. Or that the baby is so low that every time you are contracting your sphincter muscles are also contracting pushing the bm out. Good luck to you momma!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Well you are considered full term so unless there is a reason otherwise it's ok if you go into labor - right? Did you doc tell you that you cannot go into labor?

Sounds like things are coming along nicely. BM's are common with impending labor.

Won't they just move up the c-section if you go into labor on your own? I have no idea how they work as I have only done vag.

If you are not supposed to go into labor then see your doc, if it's ok to go into labor, just let him know so they are informed.

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Sounds like it will be any day now - congrats!!! BMs are definately common when labor is impending. When I was prego with DS#1, the day before I went into labor I had like 3 or 4 BMs which is definatley not typical for me. My DS#2 was scheduled c-section for Feb 10th but on Feb 4th I had a little bleeding (bloody show I guess)- it was a Saturday so I had to go to the Hospital L&D to be checked and I was 5 cm dialated already! They did my c-section about 3 hours after I arived at the hospital. I started feeling the contractions AFTER I got to the hospital.
Dont be shy about calling your OB's office about this. Especially since its Friday - might be easier for you to get checked in the office today and save you a hospital trip tomorrow. Odds are you will be explaining this to the nurse and not the doctor anyways. If the contractions are painful or regular, you should definately go get checked ASAP. Also at least now you will be on your doctors radar b/c I would be surprised if you did not have that baby this weekend!

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answers from St. Cloud on

I would call the doctor. They're paid big bucks to deal with our embarrassing questions! You don't want to go into labor if you have a scheduled C-section and it's easier to stop labor earlier on rather than later. He may want to take a look under the hood. May be she's dropped down onto your bowel kinda? Maybe they'd want to move up the C-section date? This is one that's best left up to a paid professional, and I'm pretty sure he knows people poop :P

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answers from Hartford on

Call and talk to the medical assistant about what's going on. This counts as a change in your pregnancy that they'll probably be interested in, but not anxious about. It could be prodromal labor rather than active labor, but still productive and getting your body ready.

But you really do need to put out of your head any sort of embarrassment you have talking to your OB about these things. He needs to know these things, and he's a doctor. None of this anything except medical and part of the pregnancy, labor, and delivery process.

I know it's tough to shrug off the modesty, but think about it as, "For the good of the baby." :-)



answers from Albuquerque on

I would put a call in to your doc. When I went into labor with my first I remember I had that feeling like I really needed to poop and kept trying to. And then I remember the nurses telling me not to make a bowel movement because it was me pushing the baby out.



answers from San Francisco on

There is nothing that your doc hasn't seen.....If you can't talk to him about what's happening with your body, maybe try to talk with a female medical assistant.

Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but not always attractive and/or without odors. Try to be very open and honest about what's going on with your body with your doc. He will totally understand.

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