Constipation,pregnant,acid Reflux? Maybe TMI ?

Updated on October 18, 2011
M.F. asks from Youngstown, OH
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So I am 5 months 1 week pregnant with my fourth child. A girl,the other three are boys. I haven't gone to the bathroom since Thursday night wich was horrible. I take 2 fiber pills every night,drink tons of water everyday,eat veggies and fruits(never canned mostly fresh or frozen) I also eat a frosted mini wheats or some healthy cereal for breakfast. I can't go to #2. I am so uncomfortable. I feel like I have to go but can't. I bought prune juice yesterday and a Fiber One cereal while grocery shopping to see if that helps. So here is my other "problem" every thing feels like it wants to come back up. I ate a small bowl of cereal (think serving for a 6yo) and shared some of it with my 18mo(as usual). I also had a warm cup of water first thing when I woke up(my 90yo grandmother said that she found it works for her). I went to drink a small glass of prune juice and I just can't. My cereal feels like it's sitting in my throat. So is this acid reflux or heartburn? I am going to call the dr if this continues today and tomorrow. I am not a panicer by nature and don't feel my unborn baby is in distress,just my bowls and stomach. Any tips or insight? Thanks in advance!

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answers from Cleveland on

I had major constipation issues with my last 2 and would take a stool softener each day, which did help. good luck!

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have you tried a stool softener everyday that will help. but you can also do castor oil. I tried using that to induce me when i was pregnant and all it did was give me the runs. it tastes so bad but that will do the trick. if your still backed up bad you will need to call your dr. good luck!

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answers from Lansing on

Ugh, I am so sorry as that sounds like me when I was preggo! I hated the heartburn and would wake up in the middle of the night with acid reflux! Og everything I tried the prescription Prevacid worked like a miracle for me!! I know when your going through it its terrbible and you don't want to take a bunch of stuff, but this is SOOOO worht it and its ok when your pregnant!

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This is my 2nd pregnancy and with my first I never suffered from constipation. When I was around 14 weeks I couldn't go to the bathroom and it was the worst feeling ever. My doc said I could take Colace or milk of magnesia. Check with your doc to see what you can take to get things moving.

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answers from Columbia on

For the constipation: Are you taking prenatal vitamins? It sounds like you're getting too much iron.

And for the acid reflux/heartburn (same thing): Go with tums for now until you can get to your doctor. And also make sure that you are getting enough water.

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answers from Seattle on

Stool softeners (NOT laxatives - ask your doctor if unsure) and stay hydrated... good luck!

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Talk to your doc about Kolace (Colace) I am not sure which way it is spelled. It is the stool softner that they gave me in the hospital when I had my kids. Maybe try different prenatal vitamins. Elevate your bed about 2 inches, for sleep that should help. You might be getting too much fiber also that can stop you up. have you eaten anything greasy? sometimes that can help.

Good luck

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