Constipation from Antibiotics

Updated on August 05, 2008
L.L. asks from Bixby, OK
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My three year old has been on antibiotics for strep throat. He was on one round that didn't cure it so now he just began his second round of another kind. However, he has not had a bowel movement since Monday morning, today is Wed. and he's usually VERY regular. He keeps complaining of his tummy hurting and now his bottom hurting. I know it's got to be the constipation. He'll try to go to the bathroom but nothing ever happens. I've tried apple juice but are there any other "quick fixes" for this? He's in such pain and I just want him to be able to produce! I'm kind of limited on foods because his appetitie isn't so great right now as well. Please give me any advice you may have! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all of your wonderful advice. I now have EVERYTHING on hand if we ever face constipation again! I ended up doing the baby enema and within an hour, he produced, thank God! I tried the different juices, karo, etc. but due to his decreased appetite, these weren't very appealing. So, I resorted to the enema and that helped. Since last night (wed) he's acually gone three times now, so I think we are in the clear. Thanks again for all of your responses and great help.

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answers from San Antonio on

there is a laxative that is very mild and helps wonders. It is called "little tummies laxative". It comes in a liquid form. It has helped my 3yr. old in the past when he was very constipated for 3days. If that does not work, try some sort of sapos. from his doctor.

best of luck. Hope the little one gets to feeling better.


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Hi Leean,
I am so sorry that your little one feels so terrible. I know its hard seeing your little one go through that. I have always tried apple juice with my son when he gets constipated (which was pretty often because of the formula) but the only other thing that I have tried that seemed to work pretty fast was fresh pineapple juice. I would open a can of Pineapple chunks and drain the juice from the can and put it in a bottle for my son (I dilute it with water since he is only five months) and that seemed to work faster than the apple juice. A friend of mine uses orange juice for her son also, when he would become constipated. I hope this helps. Good luck. :o)



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you can utilize massage to try and get things going but I would go and start him on yogurt with prunes (Activia is a great one). I would always suggest starting your child on yogurt to keep their bodies in balance while they are taking antibotics. As far as massage make sure you massage his tummy in a clockwise motion so as not to upset his system anymore than it already is. And lots of movements might be helpful also, moving his legs in a "riding a bike" motion, gently pushing his legs towards his chest and then back to a straight position. If all else fails there is a infant enema that might help.



answers from San Antonio on

My son is 2 and had not been constipated since he was a baby, until maybe a month ago. He did exactly the same thing your baby is doing. He said his stomach hurt and he kept crying when he tried to poop. I went to the store and bought baby prunes from gerber and gerber prune juice. I gave him the prune baby food and it did not help. The next morning I gave him the juice (not diluted) and within the hour he was able to poop and was fine. I would recommend just giving him the juice and since it comes in such a little bottle it should not be too much for him.



answers from Wichita Falls on

Yogurt (with live cultures - to restore his intestinal fauna), and gingerale - regular, not diet. It has a lot of sugar in it, and it will pull water into the intestines. Make sure he's hydrated, too. Dehydration can cause constipation.



answers from Amarillo on

Try prune juice! Or give him lots of fruits like bananas and grapes.



answers from Brownsville on

they make glycerin suppositories that you insert into the rectum and they melt and lube everything up. it is not comfortable for either (i recommend using your pinky), but it works wonders. have the child lean over the toilet to insert and sit down immediately. i had to do this with my son when he was about six months after 3 days without a movement and we went through 6 diapers. check with your ped first, he may have a more pleasant solution, but this will work



answers from Sioux Falls on

I would go to the store and buy some flax seed. You can mix it in with whatever he will eat and he won't be able to tell. It should work pretty quickly for him. My neice had the same problem and she was fine in about a day after all the back log got cleared out. Other then that you may want to go to like Walgreen's or somewhere like that and ask the pharmacist for a safe laxative for kids that age. They are more then happy to help.



answers from El Paso on

Have you tried yogurt- that can help restore the natural bacteria that help you digest properly. There is a new one out called Activia that is very good. Also, have you tried prune juice?

I saw the post about flax seed- my only caution with that would be that too much of it can actually cause constipation- but it is very good for you.




answers from Dallas on

my son had some issues with constipation around 6 mos. The doctor had us buy pediactric glycerine suppositories (sp?). You lube it up with ky and insert. Usually just the act of inserting the suppository would cause him to go. It's not plesant but it works. (not painful to the kid) Hope this helps

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