Constipation and Gas Under Hypoallergenic Formula, Want to Try "Baby's Only "

Updated on November 24, 2008
L.S. asks from Miami Beach, FL
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Hello, my baby is taking the alimentum formula from similac, after trying severals formulas, it seems the only one that he can tolerate(was having diahrrea with other formulas). The problem is that he is really constipated and has troubles to pass gas, he would cry starting a hour before passing the stools. I wanted to try the baby's only lactose free formula because it has brown rice insteed of corn syrup, any suggestions or testimonies. Thanks

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So What Happened?

hello guys,
Thanks for your answer, i use milicon drops for a while but it never works for my baby. So right now , i continue with the same formula and i m giving my baby probiotics for 3 days now and he seems better, i am going to try coconut oil as well. I ll keep posted. Thanks

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there is a difference b/t LACTOSE (milk sugar) and MILK PROTEIN-
while not unheard of, it is RARE for baby to be lactose intolerant- babies can be intolerant to the PROTEIN not necessarily the sugar (lactose);
your baby is most likely doing better w/ the alimentum bcse the milk proteins are very much broken down (WAY MORE than say Nestle's Goodstart!)

however, the constipation can still be a sign of might even need neocate...




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I am lactose intolerant, same symptons. also try pureed bananas in formula if lactose free formula doesn't work. Bananas are good for constipation and diarreah. Good luck. Pro Chef



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Hi L.,
Have you heard of homemade goat milk infant formula?
I'm a nutritionist, and it has been a life saver for so many babies (including mine) who thrive on it after doing terribly on any kind of commercial infant formula.

Your baby's symptoms may continue to persist even after changing formulas as all commercial formulas are made from pasteurized cow milk which is missing the natural enzymes and probiotics which help break down and digest the milk proteins, fats, and lactose. Babies often react with constipation and/or diahrhea, gas, skin rashes, crying fits, or colic. Digestive issues in babies on formula is rarely about lactose problem, but usually about not breaking down the pasteurized milk proteins or fats.

Also, the hypoallergenic formula is not an ideal one as my Ped explained and is meant as a short term fix as it is ultra processed with many synthetic ingredients and not balanced.

I went through hell and back with my baby who I finally figured out was intolerant to cow's milk protein (I could not eat any pasteurized cow dairy or my breastmilk would make her sick). She is 1 now, and to this day she cannot drink any commercial infant formula of any kind, or pasteurized cow milk or she gets all kinds of symptoms. I found a Yahoo health chat group (NewWAPHB) with thousands of moms who had the same issues (or just wanted to give their babies something better than formula when breastfeeding was not an option).

The solution for us was the homemade infant formula.
Not only is it far more nutritious than any commercial formula, it is so well digested and relieves a lot of common GI and skin symptoms. I spent many week researching this topic and learned a ton. The Drs at my Pediatrician's office fully support the "homemade recipe" after having seen such remarkable results. Many Drs don't know about it. They have to read up on it since many babies are suffering needlessly!

Also, don't use soy formula. Terrible for babies.

After you do your research, if you decide to keep your baby on the commercial infant formula, here are some nutrients you can add into it to help with digestive issues in general:
Infant Probiotics: HLC Natogen by Pharmax (1/8 tsp p/day)
Cod Liver Oil by Pharmax (mercury free) 1/2 tsp p/day
Coconut oil (2 tsp per day)

The probiotics help heal the intestines and help them digest better which helps constipation/diarrhea. And the Cod Oil and coconut oil help lubricate the intestines allowing for less straining. In addition, the cod oil contains the most well absorbed form of omega 3s and vitamin D. Critically important for infants for brain health, immune system, and prevention of disease.
-A. R.



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Hi, L.. Well, since your baby has had problems with other formulas, you might want to talk to your pediatrician before changing forumulas. I understand your concerns about the constipation -- nobody wants a baby to suffer like that. Have you tried giving him water in between feedings? Sometimes that helps expel the gas, and it also lubricates the stool so that it's much, much easier for baby to push out.

I'm all for brown rice, by the way, but remember that brown rice is a natural source of iron, and iron can be constipating, too. Speaking of which, does alimentum have iron in it? That may be what's constipating him. If so, see if they have a formula without iron. If baby is not anemic and doesn't have a health condition that requires him to have iron in his formula, then he really doesn't need it. Or maybe you can give him iron formula some of the time, and some of the time without it.

There are lots of options. The pediatrician might be able to help you navigate them a lot quicker than just plain trial and error. The sooner the baby is comfortable, the better.

I certainly hope you find the perfect formula, and baby doesn't have to worry about his tummy anymore.




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have you considered putting mylicone drops in your babys bottle, it could be that he has to much iron in the formula ,you cshould call your pediatrician to find out the best formula

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