Constipated Son.

Updated on December 04, 2015
R.B. asks from Tewksbury, MA
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my son is three months old and he is constipated for three weeks , what is the cause of this and how can i solve this problem. am really scared and wanna know some easy homely methods

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answers from Providence on

All 3 out of 4 of my kids got constipated and I would put 1 tsp of dark KARO syrup in 1 bottle a day to help. The Dr said I could use 1 tsp per every 4oz but mine were good with just 1tsp a day. Also changed my formula to Gentalease Enfamil. 1 of my kids was real bad and I would mix an Oz of prune juice with each bottle until I got her regular then I continued with the KARO syrup bt did need the prune juice everynow and then. Also when you start food with your son Rice cereal, bananas and sweet potato would bind my kids up immediately so I used oatmeal cereal instead and if I did banana or sweet potato I would mix it with apples to balance it. (apples always gave my kids wet diapers). Worse case senerio you could use a glicerin suppository, used it twice on my son and within 5 minutes he went. You can get them over the counter at the drugstore in the kids section. Good Luck.

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answers from New York on

Is he nursing or bottle fed? If you are nursing, you need to drink alot of water,juice,etc. Coffee and soda dont count. In fact you need extra water for each coffee or soda you drink which is not good for you or baby anyway.
Are you giving solids yet? If so you should stop and just nurse or bottle. If you are bottle feeding, give a small water bottle daily and you may need to change formula. Ask the Dr for suggestions on that. If necessary they sell infant glycerine suppositories at the drug store. Not every store has infant size. You need to check around.

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answers from Denver on

how old is he? most infants will tolerate 1oz of prune juice diluted in 4oz of water. that should help. or call his doctor and ask about miralax. any number of issues could be causing the constipation. better to help him poop pronto than let this go on.



answers from Boston on

We had the same issue with my son. He was bottle fed on a soy formula. When we saw our nurse practitioner she told us to use a Karo syrup in his formula. He was drinking 7 oz and we put 2 teaspoons of Karo. It worked!!

Water, and fruit juice works also but not as quickly. I would try the water first!!

As always, I'd suggest that you call you prediatrician first.



answers from Portland on

My son had the same problem when he was and infant. Our pediatrician told us to try putting 1oz of Prune Juice in with his formula. It worked great. I hope this helps.

M. from Maine



answers from Boston on

Formula can cause constipation. You may want to try a different brand of formula. About 50/50 formula - breast milk, we went through a few brands of formula, before we ended up with Nestles as preferred. We did not like Similac and Enfamil was preferred to Similac. Babies also sometimes have difficulty in figuring out which muscles to use to poop. I agree with the other posts. Consult a pediatricion and try prune juice with a little water. You don't want to give him too much water at that age as it will dilute what he needs. These are good sites:


answers from Boston on

I'd be very careful with stuff like Karo syrup - it's pure sugar and how does that benefit the baby other than giving him a real craving for sweets!

There is a great children's supplement (fully balanced, given even to premature babies through feeding tubes, totally safe) made here in the US by the same food scientist who was on the team at Mead Johnson that developed ProSoBee and Enfamil formulas years ago. World renowned expert in liquid nutrition particularly for children. This is all food and no drugs, won't interfere with whatever else you are feeding your baby (whether formula or breast milk). If you want to try something natural, this is it. We work a lot with young babies and can connect you directly to other moms who have solved this problem.

Also, there will be a program next Thursday evening in Tewksbury with a lot of parents and nutritional consultants if you want to attend. Free, just great nutritional info for adults & kids, nothing for sale or anything like that. I realize you want results sooner than that, but it's another option to look at. A friend of mine solved her daughter's constipation both by changing her own nutrition while the baby was nursing, and by giving her this children's supplement in her bottle. She will be speaking at this program.

I can give you more info if you want.



answers from Los Angeles on

You should def. contact his ped. but they won't do anything until he hasn't gone for 7-10 days. If you're nursing he could be allergic to something you're eating/drinking.. Anything dairy is always a big one, a lot of nursing babys can't handle dairy, so you should try avoiding dairy products for a couple of weeks & see if that helps. Drink lots of water avoid suguar & caffeine, take in extra fibery foods & make sure your taking your prenatal faithfully!

Also, some other things you can do that has helped my babys;
10ml of gripe water three times a day,
Try giving him water in a bottle.. But boiled water that's been cooled down. I boil there water then let it cool & give it to them straight & I also boil the water for the formula then give it to them warm.
If he's formula feeding it could be his formula his body doesn't like, try switching to a non dairy based formula.
There's exercises you can do with him to get things going like laye him down, put his legs in the air & move them in circular motions like he's riding a bike, move them the same way & opposite way of each other as well.
Also slowly bring them straight then bend them to his chest.
Rub his belly firmly but not to wear you hurt him, in a counter clock ways, then clock ways.. These are a couple things you can do, I can suggest plenty of other things, I'm a foster parent & most of my kids come to me very constipated so we've kinda become constipation pros here.. ;) But be sure to talk to his doc is my # 1 suggestion



answers from San Diego on

I hope you have your answer by now, but it is so important at this age (3 months right?) to talk to your pediatrician when it comes to constipation. I would definitely start there or if your pediatricians office has a triage nurse (or nurse on duty) that you can talk to over the phone to get advice on what to do. Usually, they will ask about his symptoms and what you are doing and tell you what you should be doing. I had the same problem recently but with my five year old son. I just called my ped's triage nurse and with her advice he was able to poop the next day. I followed up with my ped a week later.



answers from Providence on

Baby magic tea is great for newborns constipation and other tummy troubles. I used this tea with good results.


Baby magic tea is great for newborns constipation and other tummy troubles. I used this tea with good results.



answers from Providence on

Please, please, please talk to your doctor before you do anything. My daughter was very constipated and we were told to mix prune juice in her bottle but I would never try this on my own even with my next child even though we did it before without talking to my doctor. We were told never to give water or other juice to a baby under 6 months old (some of the suggestions on here are to do just that). It can be harmful to your child and if you overdo it can lead to malnutrition. While much advice on here is well-meaning it is not from an expert. I would talk to your doctor before doing anything at all with a baby this young (as others have also said).

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