Constipated 20 Month Old

Updated on January 09, 2010
N.G. asks from Haslet, TX
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My 20 month old is always having trouble with constipation. She is on permanent Miralax, but she won't eat any of the normal things to help with constipation (prunes, grapes, drink white grape juice). Does anyone else have any ideas a really constipated toddler could heat and drink? She loves her dairy and bananas which are the culprits, but I need more things I can offer so this will stop! Thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

We sprinkle Benefiber in her milk one time a day when needed. And we have also given her plum juice with activia. (half water,half juice) It only took 1/2 of a sippy cup to work!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

How about some high fiber beans? Refried beans keep my son going.



answers from Columbus on

N., pear juice is good for relieving constipation but you could also give her slices of pears.

Various midwives have also told me that a brown sugar and water solution is great for constipation. The ratio is 1/2 tsp brown sugar (it must be brown, not white sugar) to 1 oz water. I've not tried this but many of my mommy friends swear by it.

Also, just plain water will help some too. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

ANY kind of fruit juice cleans my son out. Maybe if you try a juice she likes. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Mine is 26 months and on Miralax now, too. It's been weeks and she still needs it.

Raspberries and blueberries are winners for us. But, note that what I thought was constipation was really just my daughter REFUSING to poop because she knew it would hurt. And, it always hurt since she held it in for so long. A cycle!

I found that her diet was perfectly fine. (She eats a lot of fruit and veggies, and in desperation I let her drink as much juice as she wanted just to get more liquid in her. She has never been too into milk, but she drinks it every day and takes calcium gummy bears with vitamin D.)

So, rather than blaming the diet, I realized her willingness to go to the bathroom had to change. We are still working on it...



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We've dealt with this since my oldest son was born. The pediatrician recommended Miralax and now that he's 4, we've found the perfect dosage for him. No more tough bowel movements with him crying and us feeling helpless. We add the Miralax to his breakfast drink each morning and during the afternoon, he poops!



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I second what everyone else is saying. I would try just plain water first. My son is 20 months and will only take a few sips of water out of his cup, but loves to try to drink it out of a water bottle or a regular cup. Maybe that will work for her. But my mother and grandmother were true fans of light Karo syrup, and it hasn't stirred me wrong either, lol!


answers from Dallas on

my son used to have the same problem but he is taking herbalife aloe it helps him alot with the digestive health and he don't have any problem anymore .



answers from Dallas on

light karyo syrup!

Trust me,my mom used in on all of us kids,and I used it with my now 24 mths old. He had this same issue. I put a dime size drop into his bottle, or cup a few times a day...worked like a charm..I promise you it doesnt hurt and you will see results..I did this for about 1 wk or so..and did it every time he had this problem!:)



answers from Detroit on

Not sure if anyone mentioned karyo syrup, but it works wonders, can add to milk or juice or food, whatever! Hope that helps.

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