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Updated on May 10, 2007
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Since having my son I feel like my immune system is totally shot. I CONSTANTLY get sick nowadays and don't know how to fix it (especially sore throats).. I sleep through the night (most nights), workout 5 days per week, eat "pretty" healthy, have someone that comes to my house to take care of my son 2 days per week, and normally take vitamins, I don't smoke or drink and am not overweight at all...I only work every other weekend for a total of 8 hours at a nightclub (4 hours each night). I don't know if its just my body exhausted from constantly on the go or what. I feel like I'm at the doctors once per month getting an antibiotic...
Pre-baby: I could relax on the couch and watch tv "whenever" I wanted, so that of course has changed but my son is on a strict schedule, so I just relax when he naps ( or do things around the house).... Does anyone out there feel the same way? Are you constantly getting sick? What are you taking (besides what I've listed) to help you? Anything to boost my immune system would be great.. I'm almost embarrassed to keep going to the doctors...Thank you :0)

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answers from Daytona Beach on

If you're having symptoms like stuffy nose or sore throat, you really shouldn't take antibiotics unless you've tested positive for strep. They will only harm your immune system and don't affect viruses or allergies at all. Plus if you take them long enough you develop a resistance to them and other antibiotics or an allergy to the antibiotic. I'm allergic to sulfa antibiotics because the doctor kept prescibing them for a bladder infection that I didn't even have. So you need to be careful and make sure that the antibiotics are REALLY necessary before you take them. If your symptoms do not go away, you should get checked for allergies. I developed a bad allergy to dust mites around the time that I got pregnant with my first. It was like having a cold that wouldn't go away. Once I started taking Claritin everyday, the symptoms went away.



answers from Daytona Beach on

Oh yeah I've been there and done that. You know I had always been healthy and suddenly I was constantly sick after having my daughter. After being treated for a "sinus infection" which by the way was not helping, I started thinking about something my doctor has said. Did you see your dentist recently. At first I had waved that off, then I remembered I had a root canal the last time I was getting sick so often. Sure enough, I had to get two more root canals. Don't get me wrong, before I had my daughter I never had bad teeth. This is two years after my daughter was born. I seriously didn't think I would be down for the count so badly. But as soon as I got the root canals, I started losing weight, feeling more like myself, and much more active.

Anyway the underlining message here is, if you can consider other reasons why you are getting sick. It could be environment, (wildfires, club, and other sick people)or your immune system depleated because you are so tired. Just have a talk with your doctor. Make sure you get enough sleep, and eat right. Check out what counts as good protein and carbs, so you get that boost in the day. You will be okay, it just stinks when you feel beat down so often.
Good luck Jen



answers from Miami on

Hi Kristy,

Everyone has different levels of how much they can do/can't do. It sounds to me that you have alot on your plate, though. If you will consider "health" supplements, here are some things that have helped me alot, especially when antibiotics just don't help. You can find them at most health/vitamin stores. Whole Foods Market is my favorite, and they will help you find the best product for you. I would suggest getting a book or two about "natural cures" and supplements so you don't feel too over-whelmed. There are tons of truly beneficial and natural as well as tons of garbage products out there, it can be confusing to walk in looking for supplements if you aren't sure what to look for. If you can get to a really good health food store, the people there are always very knowledgeable about products.

1. Pro-biotic capsules. These replace the good bacterium in your intestines that get wiped out from both day-to-day life but especially from taking anti-biotics (as antibiotics wipe out the good as well as the bad bacterium). Do you tend to get yeast infections from taking antibiotics? Pro-biotics will both prevent those, and clean up existing infecs. (I used to get those alot, not anymore.) My personal favorite is "Jarro-dophilus EPS". My kids and I take one capsule every morning, and we avoid all of the intestinal/diarreah stuff that other kids get, and I haven't had a yeast infec. in years since taking it. If they do get diarreah, taking 2 capsules a day clears it up within 24 hours. Pro-biotics are safe for babies and toddlers, too. There are liquid brands for the little ones.

2. Astragalus root capsules. Have been buying the brand "Nature's Way" lately, as it's standardized/proven to actually contain the beneficial element. It's an immune system "helper" that the Chinese have used safely for centuries. Alot of people might suggest echinacea, but I have read lots of studies in natural health magazines that find it has been proven ineffective.

3. Vitamin C: but make sure it's buffered and time-release. My favorite is the Solaray brand that is "two-stage, timed-release", 1000 mg. It may give you diarreah the first few days: if so, keep up the daily EPS, and if you still are having trouble, switch to 500 mg. daily.

Having tended bar (as a non-smoker) for 7 years during my 20's, I know that second-hand smoke definately doesn't help the immune system. You may have especially sensitive sinuses/lungs, too. The above three things might hopefully help you alot while you are working at the club. And probably you already do, but drink tons of water while you're in the club to flush out what you're breathing in.

Hope you feel better/great soon,

C. N.



answers from Fort Myers on

One important thing is to take ALL the antibiotics til they are gone. The same thing could come back if you stop taking them when you feel better. If you don't take them all, it's kindo of like you're training the bacteria or virus to become stronger. Sleep is most important. Concentrate on getting enough. Hope you feel better!



answers from Miami on

first of all, I love the name Banyan! I actually wanted to name ds2 that but dh didn't agree...

anyway, I would stop with the antibiotics- doctors are too quick to just hand them out- unless you know for sure you have a bacterial infection (doctor sees an ear infection or takes an actual throat culture & it comes back that you have strep)

I would go to whole foods/wild oats & get some probiotics in the refrigerated section- jarow brand is good- and I would take them daily until the bottle runs out

next I would try zycam immediately the next time you feel like you're getting sick- my sister swears by this stuff- I'm nursing so I haven't used it in a while & if you're nursing then I wouldn't use it- but anyway if you're not nursing then use it...

are you drinking enough water in the day?

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