Consignment Shops for Women's Clothing / Shoes (LITH)

Updated on June 11, 2009
H.P. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
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I have a lot of nice, professional and casual clothes I would like to sell. Has anyone had any luck with consignment shops in the area? I called one in Lake in the Hills and they told me to call back in August!

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There is a cool place in Wauconda next to the jewel. Kinder Closet. Call info for the #, I got 98% of my maternity stuff from them. They also have baby stuff and it is all in great condition. Good luck.



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Unfortunately I had terrible luck trying to consign my business maternity clothes. The stores I contacted either said I couldn't get an appointment for 4 months, or they weren't interested in maternity at all.

I finally just donated it all away to charity. If you can't sell it, maybe Home of the Sparrow, or another women's shelter can use your items.



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I sell/buy my clothes at the shop I believe you are referring to in LITH and also Clothes Mentor in Schaumburg. With Clothes Mentor you just walk in and they give you cash for your clothes on the spot (and it doesn't matter what season they are in), but not as much as if you were to sell them yourself. For example I sold a pair of excellent condition Gap materinity pants and only got $3.50 for them. I thought it was worth more, but sold it anyways. I also bought some cute clothes at a reasonable price there too. So it all worked out. I have heard of a consignment shop in Geneva that is supposed to be good too - I am not sure of the name, but my step mom has sold her clothes there and believe they would purchase your professional clothes.

Good luck!



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If they are name brand clothes and in like new condition you might be better to sell them on ebay or a like sites. The problem with consignment of adult clothes is they do not sell as fast as childrens clothes do and you only get 40% - 60% of the money they get for the sale minis sales tax. There are stores that also charge to steam your items before they are put out for sale.
Another way you could go is to advertise them in the Northwest Herald. You can advertise up to 3 items for free each month. They have to be under $100 in price but you are selling used clothing that would not be over 100% unless you sell a lot of clothes.
You could also check if anyone you know is having a garage or yard sale and ask if you could put your items in there sale.
Don't forget about donating your clothes to the Salvation Army or Purple Heart or a woman's shelter. If you get a receipt you can right off the donation on your taxes. I think it write it off so much per bag or individual items you donate. Ask your tax man before donating. My girl friend does it all the time. I think the Woman's shelter would love the items. They woman who go to these shelters usually have nothing and are trying get out into the working world. Here is the website of a local shelter.

God Bless,
"The best way to lift you self up is to lift up someone else" Booker T. Washington

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