Consigning Clothes??

Updated on January 24, 2011
C.H. asks from Castle Rock, CO
7 answers

I am wondering if it is worth the time & effort to consign at ton of clothes I have (name brand, in great condition) from my working days. I am now a SAHM and not in a place to wear dry clean only clothing or shop at Nordstrom's anymore : ( Sad day but well worth the trade off.

I have never consigned anything before and not really sure how else to get the clothes to someone who could use them. I am also leary of how much money I will actually make, would I be better off to sell them myself online? What happens if they do not sell in the store? Does the store keep them & I lose out?

Thanks for any advice you might have!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I had more luck selling clothes on line than consignment shops. However if you do sell on line you need to be sure to be very detailed, especially since they are not new. I would say pictures are a must and also you might want to check postage costs of specific items before you decide how much to charge. Either way don't be expecting to make a great deal of money, not nearly what you paid for them. Good Luck



answers from Seattle on

I like it alot. Most consignement stores will go through your clothing and decide which ones the store needs, sometimes they are full up on some things and if so then you take them back home. The ones they take they usually give you store credit to buy new clothes. I use them and I get some good deals.

If you have nice name brand things, I would try selling them yourself first to see how much you could get for them.
If that fails then go to the consignment stores.


answers from Rochester on

You could call around to a few consignment shops. I've never done it, but some of them are very picky about how old clothes are because of styles going out of date (one out here will not take anything more than a year or two old, no matter the style). I have had some luck selling a few things through e-bay, and you could sell a small "lot," or sell things individually. I also bought several maternity things on e-bay, so you can check out what kind of ads work. If you try selling them on your own as a "lot," make sure the items are all the same size and go together. I hate bidding on something with 2 mediums and a large. :)



answers from Greensboro on

For most areas it is very worth it! I do it with all my childrens clothes and use the money to buy them more clothes almost like a even trade.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Most consignment stores have a set price for items, like a pair of jeans for $10, no matter what brand they are and then they take a chunk out for their fee.

I think if making money is your goal you should sell them yourself. No one is going to pay much more on ebay or anywhere else. I think keeping a few nice outfits for date night or when you re-enter the work force down the line wouldn't be a bad idea either. Once the kids are all in school you may feel like trying to go back part time and would have a few classic pieces to start off with. But as for selling them, it would take a very special place that only sold higher quality clothes to actually make you any money.



answers from Scranton on

there is a consignment shop in my town, but it is for kids clothing only, i gave them all my daughters clothing that she grew out of and the deal is 50 50, so if she prices jeans for 3 dollars i get half, the town i live in is a very low income town, so everything is cheap, but to know if your getting the right amount of money that is up to you to trust the consignor. i think that your better off trying to sell them on ebay.



answers from Denver on

My experience is that you can make way more money selling them yourself online. I only consign things as a last resort.

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