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Updated on May 01, 2008
M.F. asks from Allen, TX
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Can anyone please point me in the right direction concerning nannies. I may considering going this route and would appreciate any insight about cost and everything. I absolutely adore my current in home daycare person...she is amazing...just wondering about the convenience of it all.



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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi M.,

I recently started a nanny service ( and my clients have been EXTREMELY pleased.

I dont charge an arm and a leg. Most services charge ~15% fee.

I ONLY CHARGE 1 WEEK WHICH IS LESS THAN 2% and is not due until you hire a nanny.

Additionally, you have a 6 months satisfaction guarantee. I can afford to keep the fees this low because this is more of a passion and a hobby for me and my business is built on lean operational costs.

[email protected] OR ###-###-####

Nanny pay ranges from $250 to $900 a week. the average is $350. So the agency fee to you is only $350 and for mamasource moms, I offer a huge discount.

thanks and i look forward to helping you out!

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answers from Dallas on

I am also leaning towards a nanny and am in search of one now. I found a service called Christian Home Care Associates and they have no fees. they come to your house and evaluate your needs to match you up with the perfect nanny. All nannies have to pass a background check and a test. They work with you financially and will give you a price depending on the number of kids you need taken care of. I can get you the number if you are interested. I'm meeting them Wednesday and can let you know how they are. Be careful with nanny services. Some are not licensed and I was working with one until she just get sending me ladies without greencards and couldn't speak English. It was ridiculous. Depending on what you need it can run anywhere from 250-500 a mo. that's usually with light housework included. Like kids laundry (sometimes yours) and sometimes meals prepared. Hope this helps. Let me know about the number.

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answers from Dallas on

I think Kimmie meant to say the range could be from $250 to $500 per week. I have 2 sets of twins and I have two nannies; one for each set. I have not found many people willing to work for less than $10 an hour. It is more convenient when the nanny comes to your home, but if the nanny is sick it can be much less convenient (what do you do?). Or if the nanny decides to quit without notice, that's also quite inconvenient. I have used a nanny service before; the cost is generally about 10% of the first year's salary (about $2,000 at least). The nanny quit after 3 months for no reason and I was out that money. Consider, where you can search for nanny at no charge. I have also located nannies via craigslist, and have had very good luck there, but I do check references etc. Word of mouth is also a good way to get help. If you really like the in home daycare, perhaps you want to stay there as long as it is good. I figure that with two children, the cost of a nanny is not such a luxury, as it's not much more than a daycare would cost, but with just one child the cost difference is much greater. good luck whatever your choice.

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answers from Dallas on

I work through Mom's Best Friend which is an option or even Nannies4hire. Good Luck on whatever you decide, I know it's hard. If you have any questions pls don't hesitate to ask. Good Luck to you.

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answers from Dallas on

We used Based on conversations with friends, the agencies fees were high - and the quality not always better than searching on your own. We pay $10/hour. You may be able to get a lower cost - but it will be more of a babysitter than a nanny - or it will be a mom that wants to bring her child with her. (We did that option for a few months - it was okay - but you are at risk for now both the nanny and her baby getting sick. I also think it depends on the age of the child).

Good luck

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answers from Dallas on

Hi M.,
I saw your posting and wondered if you'd considered the flexibility of hosting a live-in au pair?
I will be glad to advise about the program if you'd like to know more. There is a local Cultural Care Au Pair group here in Fort Worth, and I'm the local childcare coordinator.
Our au pairs provide up to 45 hours per week of childcare in exchange for private room (bath may be shared), board, a $158 weekly stipend plus a small annual educational allowance of $500. Program fees can also be placed on a credit card to lessen the initial start-up costs. In-country placements are available for more immediate needs. Matching and overseas arrivals tend to be about 4-6 weeks typically depending on requests and season.
Cultural Care Au Pairs are: English speaking in addition to their native language, 18-26 years old from 44 countries, have references and 1 year visas with an option to extend up to another year. They are insured, screened, experienced with childcare and have gone through a training program in the US. Host families only need to have one parent that is a US citizen (green card holders ok) to qualify. If you're spending more than $300 a week in childcare/gasoline etc. then this is a cost effective option. The rate is the same regardless of the ages, number of children or special needs accommodation.
To learn more call 800-333-6056 or I can send an electronic brochure via email. You can also find out more and apply online at Currently, new families from Texas that apply by 5/15 and welcome an au pair by 10/17/08 get $250 off program fees AND the $350 application fee is waived! That means you can match for FREE with no risk! Just use promo code PCTEX2008 on the last page of the host family application and please reference me as your source. I look forward to assisting with your childcare needs.

L. O.



answers from Dallas on

I was a nanny for 6 years to an ADHD Autistic boy from the time he was 4 weeks old. I also have 2 little ones of my own now. I know the nanny route is a lot easier, because you don't have to drop them off or pick them up. However, make sure the trust issue is there and you use cameras in your home. I used in home childcare, as you are now, and loved and trusted the person. I also loved the interaction my children received with other children. They had playmates and with a nanny, she would have to search out playmates.

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