Considering Becoming a SAHM and Could Use Your Advice!!!!

Updated on August 05, 2009
V.S. asks from Missouri City, TX
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I would like advice on trying to make a decision about becoming a SAHM. I would love to be home with my kids especially since one of my checks is dedicated to paying over $1100 dollars worth of childcare expenses a month. I believe the fear of not bringing home my own check is holding me back. My husband would love for me to be home, and since my earnings are going directly to childcare I technically am not assisting with any household bills. How do you balance finances and not become overwhelmed with living on one income. I hate to sound selfish but how does a mom find time to herself when she is a SAHM. Please help!!

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answers from College Station on

Btw, I also have 4 boys + 1 girl. :-) First, I would run the numbers and see how much you are actually taking home. Then, I would find an opportunity that you could do from home and replace your actual take home pay. You will be raising your own kids and making money too. Yes, you will need to take some time for yourself just like all moms. :-)

If you are interested in working from home, make sure you investigate the opportunities first. There are lots of options out there. I have investigated a lot of work at home opportunities. Some are legitimate and others are not. Find something that lines up w/your interests and goals as a SAHM. Personally, I never liked the party type businesses b/c: How am I working from home if I have to hire a sitter just to try to make some money? So, just be sure of what you are looking for.

Best wishes in determining what is best for your family.
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answers from San Antonio on

Hi, Vanessa...

I have been a SAHM for 6 years and have loved it...even sometimes not having moments to yourself. lol Overall, though, it is so great, and you can meet up with other moms and kids for playdates and make your "chores" or house jobs fun for the kids and yourself! (My kids have surprised us with putting the dishes away and washing them...all on their own! We couldn't believe it either. lol) But really, they learn so much from you, and you will learn just as much or more from them. It is important to get some "me" time, though. I haven't been the best and am trying to do better.

Anyway, as far as finances go, we use The Grocery Game ( to save lots of money. We've saved so much using it, and it makes shopping for your family exciting. Seriously. :) You can ask me for more details and tips, if you'd like to know more about it. Where we save the most is personal items like: razors, soap, shampoo, make-up, feminine products, OTC meds, toothpaste, toothbrushes. I think we've paid $0.32 at the most for a toothbrush; usually FREE for us. I got school supplies and paid $0.11 for about 6 items, from what I lie! I love it!

With the money you save on groceries AND child care, you may end up saving more than you were bringing in! It is amazing how much money there is to save and how many items you can get FREE or nearly-free. Best wishes, and have fun! Staying at home is a definite adjustment but it's worth the rewards. (Take lots of pics of your outings and make a scrapbook together.) :)



answers from San Antonio on

You have to determine what feels right for you, and your children will be fine either way. If you feel pulled to stay at home because you want to be more directly involved in all aspects of your children's lives, then trust that feeling. If you are thinking of staying home because you feel guilty, yet you enjoy work, then follow your feelings of joy. There are many opportunities to make extra money while staying at home, and these opportunities can give you the personal outlet you will need. I became a distributor for Monavie which allows me to work from home as little or much as I choose with a business I love. If you would like to learn more about Monavie, log on to Follow your joy and you will never be wrong.



answers from Houston on

I became a SAHM almost 3 years ago when my son was born. It was quite a shock to go from making money to making none. My husband was adamant about me being home because his parents were never around when he was young. We have always been able to make it work financially. I cut down my driving to necessary trips only and maybe a fun trip into town once a week. I try to plan all my errands for that one day. We usually do activities that are close to home such as the local library, pool, park.

I do admit that it is almost impossible for me to find time to myself during the day. My friends don't live close so I am used to not seeing them very often. We try to get together once a month or so for a dinner date. When my husband gets home from work, he spends time with our son and it gives me a little alone time if I want it. You will be able to find me time, it just may not be during the day since you have little ones.

I am happy with the time I spend with my son although he challenges my sanity at times. At this point, I would feel guilty working away from home until he was in school.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Have you thought about working from home? That's what I do? You have a lot of choices out there. Contact me if you want to learn what I do - here is my blog

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