Considering a Live-in Nanny

Updated on December 08, 2012
S.R. asks from Cincinnati, OH
5 answers

Can anyone tell me how much I would expect to pay for a live-in nanny in Cincinnati, OH (or similar)?
I have four children: boys ages 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 and 11-week-old twin girls.
The nanny would have her own bedroom and bathroom in the basement.

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answers from Boston on

Have you thought about an Au Pair? They are cheaper and are essentially live in nannies. I don't live near you so I can't help out but perhaps you can google it and see if there are any nanny services around your city.

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answers from Seattle on

Yup. Look into an au pair. There are a bunch of agencies you can use.



answers from Detroit on

While I don't know the price, I can see why the nanny would be beneficial to you. Wow! I have 5 under 6 but your work load must be a lot more.
Would this person help you at home? I don't think one person could handle caring for those ages alone.

I can't really do my own by my standards so they go out to toddler school or preschool for hours a day, and daycare for the older one after school. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

Check out for affordable live-in child care. I'm a local rep in the Toledo area but I know we also have a rep down in Cincinnati/Dayton. Having a nanny or an au pair by far beats daycare centers. Nannies are expensive whereas Au Pairs cost a lot less! Best of all it's the same price regardless of how many kids you have. It breaks down to about $340 per week which includes agency program fees and the Au Pairs stipend (weekly pay). There are also part-time live in au pairs available too. free to contact me for more info. It really is an amazing child care option!

Editing to add - I have some discounts that you can use too! Message me if you want more info.



answers from Cleveland on

I'm not positive, but there are two nanny schools in Ohio. Both are in NE (CLE) are but their graduates go all over. Google and contact the Alexandria School (Solon, Ohio) and the Nanny Governess (Chagrin Falls, OH). Both of these schools will likely be able to give you good info. Alexandria school I know for sure does placements too (not just training), and they have specially trained infant nannies (for babes under 3mo) as well. Good luck! :)

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