Congestion in a Baby

Updated on February 02, 2012
N.N. asks from Ecorse, MI
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I am a grandmother! My stepson has a 1 month old baby girl. Things are very different now compared to when my children were babies. For example I used baby powder on all of my girls ect... That being said, I have a few questions.

The little precious sounded like she was congested and her mother stated that she had taken her to the doctor twice concerning this and the doctor explained that the baby had a nasal block that was likely irritated by carpet and pets(they do not have any pets in their home), while feeding the baby she could not digest the milk without coughing due to her congestion. The doctor's advice was do nothing. What are your thoughts?

How old did you start giving your baby water?

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So What Happened?

She also told me she was giving the baby pedialite and it seems like it is to soon for that!

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answers from Dallas on

I used saline drops right before feeding when my babies were congested. This helped them at least be able to eat.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I really think the dry heat can be a problem in the winter. Whenever my kids are conjested, I run a vaporizer with a clean filter and it almost always helps. Also, saline sprays are safe and effective. Blessings to you on your "reason for living" as my mom puts it.

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answers from Lakeland on

Have them feed her while she is on an incline not lying flat. This might help a bit. I was always told to never give water to an infant so young. Her body is growing so fast and she needs all the nutrients from breast milk/formula. Water will flush out the nutrients and that is dangerous.
What kind of laundry detergent are they using? She could be reacting to that on their clothes. Have them use All free and clear for everyone’s clothes and unscented fabric softener and dryer sheets. They can use saline spray and suction to help get any mucus out, she won’t like it but it should help. They make saline spray for small infants.

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

Congestion can be a sign of reflux. Is she coughing while eating? If she is breastfeeding the mother's letdown could be to fast causing the baby to cough. Or the opening on the nipple of the bottle could be too big causing the milk/formula to come too fast causing her to cough. If she is not getting any answers/solutions from the doctor maybe she should get a second opinion. This is what I would do. But I am one of those people who asks a million questions.

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answers from Chicago on

I know how you must feel. My baby caught a cold when she was about 3 months old & was very congested. This made feeding very difficult. Your baby is too young for water. Babies don't get water until maybe around 7 months. I would make sure there is a humidifier & put some peppermint or eucalyptus drops in the water. Sitting in the bathroom with the baby while the shower runs. The steam helps. Is the baby on dairy formula? Hopefully, there is no milk allergy causing congestion. I wouldn't use any carpet or plug-in deodarizers. Let the baby sleep in their car seat for a while. You can buy a wedge for the baby's crib at babies r us. One of the best products on the market is the Snot Buster. I can't live without it LOL!! It sucks all the mucus out of the babies nose, I mean clean as a whistle & hassle free too. Another life saver is the nebulizer. It's good to own 1 & get the baby mask & you can get plain saline from your pharmacist. This always worked for my baby. It is safe because their is no medicine in saline. Also, get the infant nasal spray. I pray the baby has a speedy recovery.

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answers from Chicago on

Hmmm, I remember my kids being "snorty and grunty" - congested - until they were about 3 mos old. I never did anything about it. My undersatnding was that it was normal.

And I never gave my kids water. My ped said that they don't need it. Formula is enough. So as long as they were on the bottle, I didn't give them water.

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answers from Houston on

They can squirt saline in the nose, and use the bulb suction thing in their nose while nursing if needed. Also, putting them in a steamy bathroom can help get that gunk out for a time, as can using a humidifier and holding the baby at an incline. Also, no water.

Some ideas here:

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Generally, water is not recommended until 6 mos (regardless of FF or BF). There are several reasons why it can be harmful, and in extreme cases, fatal. Read this:

It is NOT, however, uncommon for a doctor to suggest an electrolyte (Pedialite) if dehydration is a danger. (ex: if the baby is vomiting a lot of her liquids right back up/gastroenteritis)

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answers from San Angelo on

Very normal for infant congestion as long as it is fever free. Things that cause nasal congestion: spitting up, perfumes, dust, dry air, bottle nipples that flow too fast, second hand smoke (even if you do smoke outside or away from baby) You can try to limit the triggers as much as possible. But also realize babies don't blow there nose so you have to do it for them. Use a bulb syringe and a few drops of little noses nasal saline to help soften the congestion. Remember to depress the bulb before putting it in the nose and push down the opposite nostril and then let go for maximum suction. Babies LOVE this!!

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answers from Atlanta on

I agree with Bethany. There are usual house hold irritants. IF she is being breastfeed she's probably fine. If she is being formula fed, that could also be the culprit. Elderberry extract is safe for infants and will fight respiratory stuff like this. It's simply food so not contraindications. I used it with my girls. It also builds the immune system so normal irritants like cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and soaps don't bother the little one. They could also detox the house which is the simplest and even the least expensive way to prevent this. Things that we don't think affect us (really do) show signs in the little ones with little lungs. Prevention is the best way.

God bless,

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answers from Detroit on

We no longer recommend giving babies water at all. They get all they need through either the formula or breast milk.
Unless she's been vomitting, she shouldn't need pedialyte. It's for dehydration, not just for extra fluids.
You can use saline nose drops for nasal congestion....not anything with a medication in it, just saline.
Newborns don't normally have too many issues with allergies since they still have immunities from their mother. Babies are naturally nose breathers, not mouth breathers, so if she's stuffy, she can't just mouth breathe like adults do. Does it sound more like it's in her chest? It could be the formula itself, maybe she needs to switch. If the pediatrician keeps blowing her off, she might want to find another one.
good luck & enjoy her!

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