Congestion and Teething?

Updated on May 12, 2007
S.J. asks from Jackson, TN
7 answers

My poor 10 month old is extremely congested. She is so bad that she cannot even drink her bottle without having to stop every 3 seconds to catch her breath since she can't breathe through her nose. We have tried everything--saline drops, bulb syringe, Vicks Babyrub, Pediacare vapor plug ins, humidifier, raising her mattress. Her pediatrician has her on antibiotics for an ear infection, and also prescribed an antihistimine to help with the stuffy nose. Even with all of this, she is still extremely congested. She has three teeth coming in. Im wondering if teething could have something to do with the congestion. Anyone ever heard of this??

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answers from Birmingham on

My son had the same probably but it affected his sleep. His pediatrician referred him to an ENT specialist. They removed his adenoids. That might be part of the problem. If you are in the Birmingham area, Dr Waguespack at St Vincents hospital was very good ENT specialist.



answers from Memphis on

My son gets congested when teething. In fact, I thought his recent stuffy nose was teething related and it turns out that he had a cold which developed into a double ear infection. Great, huh? Anyhow, the congestion could definitely be from the sickness AND teething. I've tried all of those things to alleviate the congestion and nothing really does the trick for us. We just have to ride it out unfortunately. I hope she feels better soon!



answers from Knoxville on

I think its possible that teething could be the culprit here. My son is 13 months old and he has 8 teeth. it seems like he gets sick with cold symptoms and even diahrea when he is teething. keep suctioning your baby girl and doing what the doc says i think the symptoms will clear up when she gets that tooth.



answers from Nashville on

Hi Susannah,
My 2 year old had chronic ear infections with stuffy nose and conjestion. She couldn't drink her bottle either. The reason why was severe post nasal drip. You need to make sure and take her back to the Dr. as soon as she's done withthe antibiotic if it persists. The antibiotic may not be strong enough. And every time she gets this, take her in to the Dr. she most likely has another ear infection. They go hand in hand. Also, you may want to try the playtex nurser bottles wbags so she can suck sitting straight up. It will make it much easier on her. T.



answers from Auburn on

My daughter is 13 months old and gets congestion every time she cuts a tooth. She is cutting a back tooth now and she is all congested. She doesn't act like she feels bad just congested but her little nose is also running. We use the little noses and that really helps her. We use the little sucker thing to suck as much out of her nose as we can then we put a drop of the little noses in and she can breath much better. I hope this helps.



answers from Knoxville on

Hello Susannah,
It is possible that her teething is part of the problem for her congestion especially since she is cutting so many at one time. My friend is a nurse with three children and she had told me last week because my little niece waas doing the same thing and she is cutting her top teeth. So yes teething could be her problem just be very cautious because RSV is going around right now, I know several babies that have had it. So if you have any doubt take her to children's hospital if you don't feel the peditrician is correct on his diagnoses. Trust me you know your baby better than anyone else, I have found that with past experiences with my children. It could also be allergies, everybody is having problems with them right now, even my little 3 mth. old has had problems with allergies recently. Hope this helps.



answers from Memphis on

You might think this will sound crazy but you might consider taking her to a chiropractor. This will definitely help with the ear infection. I used to work for one in Collierville and have taken both of my boys since they were two weeks old. Neither one has ever had an ear infection. We had parents come in all the time when their kids had infections, fever, congestion, and any other health problems. I strongly recommend at least getting a consultation done. I have always heard that teething can cause cold like symptoms. My second always started to get congested as well.

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