Confussed; Positive and Negative Pregnancy Test.

Updated on March 14, 2011
M.P. asks from Tucson, AZ
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Okay, last saturday I took an htp(cause my period was a week late) and tested positive I used first morning pee then later at about 10pm I took one and it came iut positive as well, monday I decided to take another test and it came up negative. My doctor decided to have blood work done and wednesday the results came back negative. Then later wednesday night I started my period, light at first then medium. I still feel as if I may be pregnant; im peeing a lot, having headaches, feeling tired (like I wanna sleep 24/7), increase and decrease in appitite, nausea, light headed at times, back aches (but not all the time), extremely thristy (dont know if thats a sign but its true), and my boobs are sore. If I was pregnant I would be about 7 weeks. If anyone can help me out I would be so greatful, thanks.

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answers from Washington DC on

it could have been a "chemical pregnancy," where you were pregnant but it doesn't last. Apparently it happens quite often without the woman knowing :(

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answers from Dallas on

This sounds similar to what happened to me. The first month we started trying I had a "Chemical Pregnancy," like Jamie suggested. It's a very early miscarriage. My OB told me it usually follows a pattern. Getting a positive test, followed by negatives a few days later. Then, it seems like the period is starting. Many woman never know they had a chemical pregnancy, because it seems like a period. Obviously, I'm not a Dr...this is just what happened to me.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like you miscarried :(



answers from Dallas on

it sounds like either a chemical pregnancy or an early miscarriage - sorry :(



answers from Youngstown on

Well with my last pregnancy I went to my dr and the test was neg. I went back a week later and it was positve! Sooo maybe wait a week and take another one and go from there.


answers from Birmingham on

That sounds like an early miscarriage (I had one before my daughter). BUT I had 7 negative pregnancy tests between 5-9weeks pregnant this time, and now I'm 15, with NO clue how I got so many negatives. I suggest calling your doctor, asking him to give you another blood test after a week or two and also about the possibility that you've had an early miscarriage. They should be able to see you again and try to find out what's up. Best wishes



answers from Washington DC on

I wonder if you had a early miscarriage, too.



answers from San Diego on

You may be, but more than likely you had a chemical pregnancy. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be this month but it will happen when the time is right! Hugs to you.

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