Confused About Milk

Updated on July 20, 2010
B.M. asks from Bealeton, VA
7 answers

I've been trying to ween my daughter off of the breast so I've been trying to give her whole milk..When she drinks it she is fine as far as I can tell.. But the other day she spilt it on herself and everywhere on her body that the milk touched she broke out into blotches and little clear dots.. Does anyone know what this means? I'm so confused

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answers from Seattle on

You know... my son has no allergy to milk whatsoever... but his skin gets blotchy (and always has) if he spills either milk or juice or soda or coffee (iced) on his skin. Kind of red and lacy. Then it goes away in as little as a few minutes to as much as a few hours. I've always sort of thought it was the sugars... because he also gets red "drip streaks" when he eats juicy fruits.

Not ALL the time... but whenever it sits on his skin and warms (like in the car, or summertime, or I just don't notice and he doesn't wash up himself. As a baby, his own drool would soak in his onsie and he'd get red marks where it had been wet.

His skin isn't super sensitive to ANYTHING else (not detergent, sun, chlorine, saltwater, none of the common irritatns)... but anything with sugars in it, he splotches out.

He's also hypoglycemic. No idea if that ties in. Now I'm puzzled... I just taught him to wipe himself (and myself to pay attention)... so I've never really paid much attention to it. I wonder if it's a hypoglycemia thing... I'd always just sort of assumed it was a yeast thing. ((He's prone to yeast infections, and sugar + yeast = oy vey))



answers from Indianapolis on

Generally, the allergic reactions that are more concerning are the internal ones (as far as my understandings go) because they're systemic and can affect the whole body.

It's worth a call to the pediatrician to ask.
Did you give her Benadryl when the rash broke-out to see if it cleared-up? My guess is that the pediatrician's office will ask as a better determination if it was a dermal allergy.

Good luck! I hope she's not.



answers from Washington DC on

You need a doctor appointment. She is probably allergic to milk although it could be an allergy to something added to the milk. Breastmilk has human protein as opposed to cow protein. Some moms find that when they drink cow milk, their babies show signs of allergy to their breastmilk - like exzema, diaper rash, or crankiness. You and your daughter are lucky that you breastfed and gave her the nutrition of human milk and avoided figuring out a problem with allergy earlier. Often, although not always, either you or her Dad or other family members have food allergies too.

Cow's milk is a great source of protein and calcium but you can find those things in other foods as well.

Just a thought - it's so hot out now in VA. Any chance she has a heat rash and the milk spill is a coincidence?

Good luck and congrats on nursing your little one.



answers from Atlanta on

Milk is process and there are other things in it other than milk. It may not ahve anything to do with the milk. My daughter was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and turns out she tolerated the lactose fine. It was simply that she couldn't handle the synthetic toxins. I used organic milk and all was well.

Goat's milk is a better alternative since it is more closely related to breast milk. You didn't say how old your little one is. Age and digestive development play a part in this as well.

God bless,




answers from Norfolk on

It means that her skin is essentially allergic to the milk. As long as it's just her skin and nothing else (no internal reaction) she's fine. My daughter has a dairy allergy and this is what our allergist told us. I do recommend that you tell your pediatrician or better yet an allergist but I'm confident in saying you have nothing to worry about. All you can do is do your best to be sure she doesn't spill it on herself and if she does wash it off. If the blotches and hives are itchy you can use some Benadryl.



answers from Johnstown on

My niece and nephew go through the same thing. She has an allergy to the milk. When you started to give her milk, did you start by giving her an ounce or 2 with a full bottle of breastmilk? Then you gradually give her a few more ounces of milk along with fewer ounces of breastmilk every 3-4 days. Children can't be put on 100% milk immediately. Hope this helps!



answers from Reno on

If you're concerned about a reaction to cow's milk, give goat milk a try. My youngest is allergic to cow's "outside" reaction but it did affect his behavior. We switched to goat's milk and he's been right as rain ever since. I've even switched because I'm lactose intolerant and I love it.

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