Updated on May 22, 2008
G.M. asks from Bronx, NY
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Hi Moms I have a lot of dark marks on my face from acne, I tried a lot of stuff to cover them up they are mostly on my jaw line, I have a function to attend with my husband and I will really like some quick cover up tips.

Thanks a bunch,

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answers from New York on

Put me in the minority of women here who hate Bare Minerals and any of the loose mineral foundations. First, they are a mess to use. Second, if you don't have the right skin for them, they look cakey worse than anything else you can use.

I love Becca's concealer, as well as Bobbi Brown's. They're both creamy and long-lasting. If you start your make-up routine with a tinted moisturizer over your whole face and then spot-treat with concealer applied with a synthetic concealer brush (or even patted on with your middle finger), you will be able to get a sheer, natural application. Finish with a light dusting of pressed powder over your entire face (if it looks too cakey over your concealer, you have on too much concealer, wipe it off and do a thinner application). and then a nice powder blush. If you use cream blush, put it on before the dusting of powder. Also remember to spot treat the areas around your nose, which can get red, and the inner corners of your eyes to help open and brighten them.

I hope you have a good time at your function, and remember, the only stressing over how your skin looks is you. Don't worry about it - just have fun!



answers from Binghamton on

I second the bare minerals response. It works like a charm. Just get the foundation in the color of your skin tone. You don't need anything but the foundation, along with the concealing brush. The best price I have found is at




answers from New York on

The best products I've ever used which are natural and use plant extracts - are Nicole Miller.

Please let me know if you'd like to try them out at 40% less than retail- I work with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company and they manufacture Nicole Miller's skincare and cosmetics and they are amazing, the anti-aging products, the serum, the mineral makeup- dark spots disappear, you will be amazed, or your money back 100%....

I can help you shop wholesale- contact me when you can.

All my best

L. A.
[email protected]



answers from Utica on

There are some great skincare products that can help lighten those dark spots as well, but they will take a little more time to wrok, how long do you have before this function? If you have a few weeks, I can give you soem recommendations - if it is coming up in a few days - just getting a facial will help tremendously. I did makeup for a wedding last year and the bride had some of the same marks you are referring to - she had a facial (not sure exactly what the esthetician used) but you wouldn't believe the difference - it took almost 10 years off her looks!

Whatever you do - keep your makeup as light as possible. (minerla powder is great) If you cake on a heavy concealer and foundation and powder - it can look worse than with just some light makeup.
Play up your eyes so people will be drawn to look at your eyes and not your jawline. Make sure, though, that you balance out the lips if you play up the eyes. If you really play up your eyes, make sure you have color on your lips. (No naked lips!

Hope any of this helps. If you have any questions don't hesistate to send me a message!



answers from New York on

I like Bare Minerals / Bare Essentials. I get it at Ulta. All natural, doens't clog pores and very natural looking w/ great coverage. I get mine through QVC but if you need by this w/end then try the store.



answers from New York on

I like Jane Iredale concealer, but Bare Minerals and things like that work well too. I use a mist over the makeup to set it so it doesnt look too dry. But have fun and try not to worry too much!!

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