Computer Sending E-mails W/links I'm Not Sending

Updated on May 14, 2011
P.M. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My computer is sending e-mails to my contacts that I am not generating. One of my friends said there is only a link in the e-mail. How do I stop this?

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So What Happened?

I changed my password and notified AT&T, my internet provider. They gave me an e-mail address to send the return mail to so they can track where it is coming from. Now we wait and see. My friend just notified me this morning that hers was hacked also.

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Denise is right. This happened to me and many others I know. Changing the password is the only thing that made it stop (what felt like millions of viral scans later with nothing being found...I realized it really was just my email being hacked).

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answers from Washington DC on

You have been hacked and you e-mail address stolen. This has happened to three of my friends in the past two to three months -- right down to the e-mails containing nothing but a web link. If your e-mail uses something like gmail, yahoo, or hotmail, this seems to happen on those types of free/cheap accounts.

Contact your e-mail provider company immediately and tell them. You likely will have to change the address.

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answers from Biloxi on

You have a virus.
Do the sent emails show up in your email program (i.e. outlook)?

Run a virus scan on your computer ASAP.
Send an email to all your contacts letting them know not to open that link.

Good Luck

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had it happen to me. Change your password right away. Call your provider. They will send emails to all of your contacts explaining that you email acct was hacked. It is NOT necessarily viral at all. and your email acct, not your computer, was compromised--CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

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answers from San Diego on

You have a virus or someone hacked into your e-mail account. I would suggest getting a better anti-virus software. Eset is the best that I have used. My brother is one of their top management people and it really is the best world wide.



answers from Chicago on

Like others have mentioned, you can change your email password. however, these things happening does not mean it is in fact coming from your email account. With all these spammers/scammers and technology, they can actually setup a ghost email that when it reaches the recipient, looks like it came from your email address but in fact it came frmo somewhere else. I learned about this from a customer who had it happen to her and they were worried about their computers being hacked since it was their business email address.

definitely let your provider know so that you don't get shut down for spamming. that happened to my brother--enough complaints were made that AOL shut him down and required him to clean his computer before they would set him back up.


answers from Chicago on

Your email account has been compromised, you have a virus ... you need to close out that email account and tell everyone on your contacts list not to open the link and who ever has opened it has the same virus. This happened to me and I still have the email address as a receive only nothing is sent out from it and no contacts are saved on it either. It's a nasty issue.



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answers from Las Vegas on

change the password to your email account! You've been hacked.


answers from New York on

You have been hacked. Change your password. That happens to me alot on FB and I just change my password every month and now it doesn't happen anymore.



answers from Houston on

I use Avast-free software that is the best anti viral for computers I've ever had. My daughter's computer has been doing this, too-need to go up and check her spyware....
Thanks for the reminder!



answers from Roanoke on

Yep, ditto the virus. If the people that received it open the link, they will also get the virus. Look into some anti-virus software, and do a virus scan. Also, just in case, start backing up everything you want to save. I had a virus years ago that wiped out almost everything, and my hubby (he's a computer engineer) had to wipe out the rest and re-install everything from windows to word.



answers from College Station on

It is a virus and you need to run your antivirus software. Or you were hacked


answers from Los Angeles on

Tell them not to click the links! Your computer has a virus or your email has been hacked. I would change your password seriously twice a day for like three or so days. ALWAYS make sure you are on the correct website before putting in your password.



answers from Houston on

just change your password

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