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Updated on February 27, 2010
S.S. asks from Douglas, AL
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Hello, I have a problem. I was on facebook and opened up a link that somebody sent to my inbox and now I have a keylogger installed on my computer. Help! How do I remove it? Has this happened to anybody else?

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So What Happened?

First off thanks for all of your help. I finally got it off my computer and have learned alot from this. thanks to everyone.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I use I Yogi Support - they are very good and inexpensive.

I was hacked recently and now that you mention it it could very well have been because of Face Book.

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answers from Montgomery on

Facebook is the worst place for virus's and trojans. Here is a free program I used to clean my computer up but if you plan on going on facebook you need to have a real time virus protection such as Norton or malwarebytes.

They have a download version you can buy or one for free I did the one for free and I had 46 infections my girlfriend who usually goes to the same sites did hers with the free version and she had more then I did.

To do this right download the Malware put a copy on your desk top, then go to your Start Button then All Programs, Then Accesories, Then System Tools Then Dick Cleanup. It will take a minute to bring up Disk Cleanup but another box will pop up with things checked leave them checked then hit the Tab more options and look for the System Restore Tab click on Clean up and then hit Okay, it will do its thing and usually disapear then go to the malware bytes and run a COMPLETE Scan.
You have to do it in these steps because the virus will save itself to your system restore and if you don't clean it first (before you do the scan) you will just reload the virus when you do a restart.
You may have to do this several times.
There is also a program called Cccleaner that some people have had luck with.

I suggest anyone who has been on Facebook or Myspace or any other website or applications, should run this program you may be surprised at what you find.
I was hacked a girlfriend of mine was hacked another friend of mine was hacked from Facebook and had an e-mail sent to all his friends because they got a hold of his e-mail address.

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answers from Monroe on

I am curious how you found the keylogger? I get on facebook too & would like to know what to look for, incase it were to ever happen.
The first thing I would do is,
Try to do a system restore on your computer. Go back to a date before that happened.

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answers from Chicago on

I'm in Chicago, but my husband works in IT and fixes things like this on the side. If you want, I can get you in touch with him. He has the ability to work on your computer remotely, from here, and fix it, without having to be there. If you are interested, you can send me a message, and I will give you his cell phone number and email address.




answers from Huntsville on

You need to find someone that can come look at your computer. I'm not good at walking people through these things without seeing the computer. Either hire a professional, or if you know a computer savy teenager or friend who knows how to find & remove those things.

You could also try going to and explaining everything you can to them, they can help. They've helped me before, but because I was so busy it took 2 weeks for us to complete everything haha But it's free! If you can tell them any sort of name that has popped up, it will help.

Also, if you can, change your Facebook password from ANOTHER computer!!!



answers from Santa Barbara on

Don't you wish these people would use their talent for good, not evil? I just spent $150 to have a bot removed from my hard drive. Thank goodness we caught it before it infiltrated the hard drive and killed the whole machine. Not more than 30 days later with all kinds of new protection a trojan horse got through and sent spam to all my e-mail addresses "from me."
Take care of it immediately. I would also download all the files on to a thumbdrive or make sure you have a back up.
Good luck,



answers from Tulsa on

I use facebook all the time and have got 1 virus from there in a year. But I have got virus' from other places. Always remeber don't click on things you aren't sure about. I was the worst until I learned that.

I think Malware works better than anything else my husband installed. Anyone that doesn't want to deal with virus' needs to get a MAC, the hackers just don't take the time to write a complicated virus that will infiltrate them.They always write them for windows computers.

It really stinks when you go to send an email from yahoo or somewhere and your address book is empty and everyone has an email from you that they have opened and got something. But it's always a risk on the internet.



answers from New York on

it is probably a virus. you need to have the hard drive totally cleaned. in meantime access your FB from another computer and change the password (that won't protect your computer).



answers from Honolulu on

Call a computer professional... they will come over and try to disengage it.
Do not use your computer now.
Nor go to any banking/personal websites that you have to input your passwords/account information/etc.

If possible, just stay OFF your computer. Any logging in of anything, can be tracked.

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