Comforts Organic Formula Vs. Similac Organic

Updated on March 22, 2013
B.K. asks from Purchase, NY
3 answers

I need to know, has anyone used the comforts brand organic? Formula is so expensive, so I was wondering if comforts is the same as similac, or atleast just as good. The price difference is what gets me. I want the best for my daughter, so if it's not as good as similac, I will just have to buy the more expensive stuff. And, I also worry about how much similac is recalled. Please, NO BREASTFEEDING REMARKS! Obviously I know it's the very best, but some people just can't do it.

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answers from Detroit on

all formula must meet the federal (FDA) formula guidelines. All formulas are nutritionally complete and contain almost the exact same levels of nutrients. Some babies may prefer a brand..(maybe it tastes better) or some baby tummies may do better on a brand.. but there is no real difference in formula quality.

I would buy a can and try it. if the baby eats it and it does nto upset her tummy than switch.

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answers from Portland on

I used the Safeway Organic Soy brand formula for my daughter and she loved it and we didn't have any issues with it. So, I think that really, the big thing is whether it upsets the baby's tummy or not. I say go ahead and give it a try!

Good for you for taking the best care of your baby as you can! I couldn't bf either, and it is hard to hear that you should be an anyone can do it, especially when it truly is not possible and babies just need food so formula is a good choice. Take care mama!

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answers from Savannah on

From my understanding, all formulas must meet the same requirements, making them all safe for baby!

We used enfamil soy with my son, but ended up switching to the soy version of whatever store brand we were around at the time. And we did use the comforts brand with the same results as the name brand.

I have heard of some babies being able to only take a certain brand, whether it is preference, or to keep the tummy happy, but we were able to switch brands back and forth without any problems.

You can also go to the comforts website and compare their formula to other brands to help ease your mind!

Good luck!

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