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Updated on June 22, 2009
J.N. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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Hi moms! We are thinking of switching our internet and cable from Comcast to AT & T, meaning those services (and phone) will all be with one provideer. Comcast is just so expensive! Does anyone have any comments about AT&T's service? How has it been? How was cancelling Comcast? Should we cancel the same day AT&T is being installed? Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!


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I agree that you should call Comcast. Select the option to cancel when you get the automated system. I've had great experiences throughout the years with calling them and getting discounts on my cable and internet service. I don't have their home phone service but at any rate I'm sure they will definitely work with you to lower your bill.



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I've always had comcast for the tv, but I had at&t for the computer and phone until about 1 1/2 years ago. AT&T screwed up my bill so bad, I had to spend lots of time on each month. I wanted to upgrade my internet access and instead of doing that, they opened a new account, so I got double billed each month. I had auto pay, so they were taking the money out automatically. It took about 9 months to get it resolved. Then I switched everything to comcast.

It's been ok. I would like to try the at&t for the cable, but apparently some of the Cubs games are comcast only, so there's no hope of that since my hubby is a superfan.



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Hi J.! We have been with the AT&T u-verse since last September. Am I pleased with it. So so. It's definitly cheaper than Comcast, but with comcast you get more options. With the internet you get a free security, phone never messed up, and the cable you get free on demand(especially if your kids like sprout, wttw, etc.)this is all included with comcast not AT&T. The internet you need to get security, the phone and cable have gone out probably about 4-5 times since we have had it. And we had to get the dvr so we could record some of my sons shows because we no longer have the on demand that's free. Our billing with AT&T got really messed up for about 4 months, they were charging us for not returning our equipment. Hello we are still obviously using it. So, my suggestion is to go ahead with AT&T but just keep a close on on your bill and if something goes wrong, keep at them. And get the dvr. Good luck!



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Hi J.!

About a year ago I called Comcast to ask them how to go about canceling my services. I explained that I could no longer afford it and I wanted to change to AT&T since they are more affordable. The lady explained it to me and then I asked her to transfer me to customer retention.

After I was transfered I explained the same to them and asked if they could lower my bill and give me the same rates they give the new customers. They did with no problem! I went from paying around $175 back down to $99 for all 3 a month.

Also, take a close look at your bill. Do you have things on there that you do not need? Like the DVR, HBO or other, non-published phone number etc.... Are there things you can take off and not miss? I have saved another $15 a month or so from taking off the DVR since all my shows are on the internet anyhow or on ON Demand for free.

Also, recently I even upgraded our cable since the On Demand went out one night and my daughter wanted to watch something. I called the cable company and got an additional package added that included like 300 more channels for only $5 a month... of course I will need to cancel that after 6 months or call and ask them to keep that rate.

Remember that there is lots of competition out there and most places will do what it takes to keep your business! The worst they can do is say no!

Good luck and blessings to you and yours!

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