Coloring Easter Eggs

Updated on March 20, 2008
D.W. asks from Roseville, MI
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We are going to be coloring easter eggs in a couple days and I am not sure which coloring kit to buy. I want one that is not too messy or too complicated. Does anybody have a fovorite or a different way then the kits? There are so many to choose from. Thanks and Happy Easter

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answers from Grand Rapids on

D. - I have tried many over the years usually swayed by my kids to try some new cool technique or product. The last couple of years I have held firm on the good old traditional dye tablets that you dissolve in water and vinegar. The color is nice and dark, the tablets actually disolve, and the mess is minimal. Some kits try to sell you fancy cups or containers not worth it. Just use plastic cups. My kids use white crayons to write on the eggs before dyeing them. They always turn out beautifully. One trick is to make sure the eggs are not still warm from boiling or if you do that step ahead not cold from being in the refrig over night.

Finally - we always play a game when we get ready to eat the eggs. Everyone chooses one egg for an Egg Battle. The two people carefully hit their eggs end side together. The object is to not crack your egg. Each pair Battles then the winners (no crack) of each pair Battle each other till one person is left with an uncracked egg. This person then gets braggin rights on their awesome Egg Battle skills till next year.
Have fun !

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answers from Lansing on

My kids always loved the decal ones. You just slip on the decal, dunk in hot water and your done--So cute! The tie dye ones are neat too!



answers from Grand Rapids on

Paas....Use it with Apple Cider Vinegar. Been a favorite of mine since I was a kid....the best!! You get a variety of colors and great egg coloring fun!! Have a blessed Easter!!



answers from Detroit on

Buy the cups-- the color goes inside and you can soak the eggs in the cup and then throw away!

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