Colon Cleanser Anyone....??

Updated on November 29, 2006
J.S. asks from Atlantic Beach, FL
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I am extremely curious about colon cleansing and just wanted to know if anyone had done this or does it and can you pass me down any of your experiences good and bad. Do you really lose up 5-25 pounds of stuff inside you? Is this really necessary or is it yet another scame to get money out of us? I just don't want to put out the money if it's not worth it. Thank You

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone who gave me oh so much advice...I could not believe all the responses that I got from this subject...I will be doing one real soon:):) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving....

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't know if you have already tried colon cleansing, but I was really interested in it while I was doing a detox diet. I asked a lady at a health food store about them and she said she did not recommend them. Then I called my dad (who is an RN) and he said it wasn't a good idea. He said the possibility of getting an infection was very high. The ones they do in the hospital are very sterile but the ones you do at home have the possibility of becoming contaminated without you even knowing it. I would definitely be cautious about doing a home colon cleanser. There are some really great detox diets out there that do the same thing just by eating certain foods. If you are interested, the one that I do is a 21 day detox. the first time I did it I lost 20 pounds.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Hi J.,
A great great colon cleanse is using Sonne's #9 and Sonne's #7. You can get both of these at Native Sun. You can even get the #& at Vitamin Shoppe. Usually the #7 is mixed with 16 oz of organic apple juice. And then followed with the #9, five times a day. It's better if you don't eat anything else during your cleanse. The apple juice will help keep you full. If you're interested, I know a good gall bladder cleanse that can be done at the end of this one. A great resource is "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by Balch.

Hope this helps and good luck. I'll be joining you once my son is weaned. :)

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answers from Miami on

it's worth every penny. you feel energized, loose weight & your immunesystem becomes stronger. i highly recommend it.



answers from Pensacola on

well, i have gotten colonics before.. i have never tried any of the cleansing things you buy in stores, or those diets you go on that are supposed to cleanse you out. i have however done the colonics. i would totally recommend them. i didnt really lose weight right after.. but i felt amazing!! after having kids the weight in the middle is hard to lose, but after the colonics i felt like it wasnt so heavy in my mid section. i felt really good. i dont know if it was just psychological, or just physical, but either way it perked me up. when you realize that you are getting rid of parasites and toxins in your body.. you start to feel good about yourself. you are doing good things to keep yourself healthy. it gives you a positive outlook. it even helped me get into healthier eating. it does take a few times to really start breaking down a lot of the built up waste in your colon.. but after 3 or 4 sessions, i bet you'll see a major difference. thats when the weight will probably come off. it helps in actually removing the physical waste, and boosting your metabolism. b/c when that stuff isnt blocking the lining of your colon your body can absorb all the nutrients it wasnt able to before and it helps you digest them easier. i believe they are really healthy. dont go overboard and do a lot of them in a short time frame b/c you can get dehydrated.. but a regular schedule will definitely make you more energetic, and you'll see weightloss. if you do get one.. drink a lot of water before hand.. in the days before hand really.. b/c that way your body wont absorb the water they put in you, and hold onto it. you know what i mean.. b/c if your body needs the water it'll hold on to some of it. so if you prepare before hand that wont happen. also, if you go to health food stores, they can give you different things to take to help break up the waste to make it easier to come out. so i would try that too.. anyway, i hope this helps.. and good luck. they are uncomfortable at first, but well worth it. one good session can equal up to like30 bowel movements i read. can you imagine how good you'll feel after that?? well, good luck again and i hope it works out well for you.



answers from Tampa on

I have a good friend who did this but she bought this stuff at GNC to drink and yes it did work. Grant it you spend about the first 2-3 days in the bathroom a lot but yes it does work.



answers from Tampa on

I can't say that I've done a colon cleaning. The only thing I've ever done is the occassional enema for the sole purpose of anal sex. I'm not sure if that would constitute colon a colon cleaning, but it does get a lot of "junk" out. I would be careful with any contraption you experiment with. Maybe consult your doctor about this.



answers from Pensacola on

Hi J.,

I'm not sure what you've read about colon cleansing. If you're only reading product ads then I can understand why you would think it's hype but what I've read has convinced me that we simply cannot have good health without a regular colon cleanse about every 3 months - children included.

I got fed up with doctors about 18 years ago when they clearly had no clue about a simple headache remedy I desperately needed after I had had a spinal tap. My mother, who was no doctor, knew exactly what I needed and it was simply --WATER! About 24 ounces of that and my head stopped exploding. That experience reminded me of the time I had given birth to my daughter two years earlier after having an epideral, I had the same type of exploding headache. The medical profession solution to the problem then was to send in a 'specialist' to discuss my mental condition after the experience of giving birth for the first time, add another $90 to my bill and prescribe Tylenol with codeine. None of it helped and I had to just wait out the pain that time (my Mom wasn't there to offer the proper diagnosis).

There are times when we need a doctor - like when we need a broken bone set but otherwise I consider them useless and I do my own research for the ways to prevent disease and promote the self-healing that God created our bodies to perform.

That's what led me to the colon cleanse products that we now use. I have used several different products and the system that I use now has proven to be the most effective as well as the mildest (some products can really make you cramp and hurt bad)

I am now a distributor for these products but I was a customer first. In other words, I'm not just trying to sell you my products. I searched and searched for the best nutrient supplements for my family and when we tried them for 90 days, I was convinced that we would never be without them - they're more important than the groceries I buy in the store because every drop is 100% organic nutrition that's useable for the body's wellness. We can't say that about our groceries anymore.

The liquid nutrients had already started a colon cleansing and then when I got the colon cleanse program, I was really happy that it didn't cause emergency situations where I had to rush to the bathroom all of a sudden. It is much more predictable than that and the intensity can be regulated by the amount of Herbal Tabs you take.

It would be a violation of the rules to put my website in this message but if you would like more information about these products, please email me at I'll be happy to assist you however I can.




answers from Tallahassee on

I used both the powder kind and had two colon cleansings at Dr. Ayala's office. Both made me extremely constipated and "messed up" my regularity for almost a month. And I didn't lose a pound. My sister had 4-5 colon cleansings at a doctor's office in Atlanta hoping for weight loss and improvement in regularity, but became so constipated after that she had to go on Zelnorm just to get back to normal. I DON'T recommend it. Most doctors are against the practice. If you want to lose weight and "cleanse", increase your fiber intake.



answers from Sarasota on

My husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law have used this product once a year for 2 years. They all swear by it.
I didn't use it the first year they did because I was nursing my youngest son. The second year I tried and had to quit after 3 or 4 days because I was too sick. I have a VERY weak digestive system and couldn't handle the cleansing. But none of them had a single problem and all lost weight (my husband lost 6 pounds I think in the first 2 weeks), had joyously disgusting bathroom experiences (that they wanted to share with EVERYONE), and felt better and more active than before. They had good results both times. And it's only used once a year. Hope this link helps.

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