College Student Watching Kids This Summer -Details?

Updated on March 23, 2012
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
8 answers

So we have a change in daycare and we are hiring a college student this summer to watch our children. I am wondering if anyone can advise me on a few details.. I was looking at a daily or weekly rate. Do I pay her on days we take off? What if she needs a day off, do I pay her?


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answers from Chicago on

I would negotiate a price per week. flat rate. with hours also set. say 8-5 or whatever you work. and then if you work over or are late then pay extra. an amount which also should be set. if you take a day off for whatever reason you still pay her the flat rate. It is her income for the summer and it is not her fault if you choose to go to the zoo or whatever. if she takes off you deduct it from the pay as you will be having to pay someone else. If it doesn't work out give me a call as I am going to be doing daycare for the summer in the beau ridge subdivision in aurora. Will be taking a max of 8 kids. lots of fun stuff. I normally nanny for a family out of their home. (past 2 years) but am going to do it out of my moms house this summer as she is having back surgery and needs another adult to be there in case of emergency and she can't reach the phone. The family I nanny for will be bringing their children to me.



answers from Albuquerque on

I would pay a flat weekly rate that equates to about $10- 15/hour depending on the going rate in your area. Set the hours you'll expect her to work and if you need her to be flexible make sure she knows that up front. Yes - you do pay her on days you take off because she's not able to find another job for random days. You could probably negotiate that she gets days off when YOU give her days off and no pay for other days she wants off since it's only the summer. Just make sure she knows in advance some of the days you won't need her so that she can make her own vacation plans.



answers from Columbia on

You sound like the same situation we're in - need someone for a fixed set of weeks/months so we just used a flat rate per week. We pay same as local day care rate.

She gets 3 of 4 fridays off - with pay (cuz i don't want to keep track of "hours" and per week is easiest)

Same if she needs a day.


answers from Washington DC on

We are doing the same thing.

My mom is college professor and recommended this girl, we met with her and love her! So she starts the first full week school is out.

We are paying her weekly. A flat rate. I am off every other Friday, and of course there is the 4th of July and our weeklong vacation in there. She will still get her weekly rate regardless of how many hours she works.

Let me add, if she works over 44 hours, we'll pay her a little extra. One week I work 44 hours and I work 36 the next, to get every other Friday off.

If she needs a day off because she is sick, we will pay her...but if it becomes excessive, then no. We are giving her a lot of time off already between our schedules and vacations, so she will need to plan around us for this summer.

Hope that helps!



answers from Chicago on

Make sure that every one is on the same page . Because I found out the hard way, if you have some one come to your home you are employing them , and responsible for their taxes at the end of the year, so make sure they are in agreement of what you decide. Second, go to you local sheriff dept. and do a back ground check, in Porter County it is only $3.00, well worth it. and don't be afraid to ask questions, did you do this before, who did you work for before, do you have a phone number, if it doesn't set well with you don't do it. it's your kids! Set ground rules, if they need a day off, don't pay them , you wouldn't get paid if you didn't go to work. If you take time with your kids let her or him know ahead of time, so they can make arrangements to have some thing to do. This is short lived employment, your kids, your house, your food, your money, you set the rules. As far as pay, I would guess $40.00 a day, or so . Tax free. Call some of your other friends and see what the going rate is. Good Luck. Remember, your the boss, don't be afraid to ask questions, they want to work for you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We are paying a flat weekly rate. She doesn't get paid for the week that she is taking vacation or if she has to call off t(because we have to pay someone else to fill in). We aren't taking a full week-long vacation this summer, but some long weekends and we'll pay her the full rate for those weeks because it is not her fault that she's not working those days, it is ours. In addition, we also pay for a pool membership for her and for memberships to other local activities that we want her to do with our kids, such as the science center.



answers from Chicago on

if you take time off and dont need her you still have to pay are reserving her time and her time is worth something. if she takes time off then typically that is unpaid


answers from Phoenix on

I'm debating about doing this for the summer myself since I'm already home with my own kids. I think you should figure out a flat weekly rate. If you take any time off, she is still paid. If she "calls in sick", she is NOT paid for that time since you are left high and dry for another babysitter or you have to take off work to stay home with the kids. If YOU take a week vacation, she is still paid, if SHE takes it, you don't pay. That's the way I see it. Because otherwise if you pay by the hour and end up taking the kids alot, then she *could* have had another family that would have paid consistantly...if that makes sense. Good luck!

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