College Son Robbed - Update

Updated on February 21, 2011
L.M. asks from Hartly, DE
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I couldn't update further so I just wanted to say thanks to all the all really hit on what I was already thinking. I had resigned myself to follow his lead even though my gut told me I needed to go and I felt he was just trying to not ask me to come (so I wouldn't worry). His best friend told me I really needed to go (she had just left him when she told me that). She said he didn't want to ask us to come but he needed us.

We showed up with a few groceries (he only has a week before winter break). Told him that I knew he didn't "need" us but I needed to come. So glad I did. I think it was reassuring to him to have my husband and I there for a few hours. We arrived very late but it worked out well because the officers were back on duty and he was able to id the second suspect when we took him to the police station. The first is out on bail, the other has been arrested sometimes after 2 am this morning (that's when we left).

I think we all feel better now. He is going to seek the college resources today. Any other ideas of what I should do to help? If so, just send the ideas on.

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So What Happened?

He got through the week and came home that Friday for Winter Break. Nerves were still a wreck but he started feeling better and got some much needed rest at home. He's now back at school and trying to plug away. Just wish we could get the court stuff taken care of and close this chapter of our lives but the proceedings aren't starting until mid-May.

Thanks again for your concerns.

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Well, we just got home from visiting my college sophomore daughter, who is in school about 2 hours away, so I was interested to read your post and update. I would have done the same thing you did - sometimes our "young adults" are afraid to ask us for help because they want to seem so grown up and handle things on their own (which of course, is great!). But under the circumstances I would have gone just as you did to offer support - I'm sure he appreciated it, and I can tell it made you feel alot better. A win-win! I'm glad he's ok - that must have been pretty traumatic for him - and happy to hear they caught the bad guys. Hopefully there is someone available on campus in case he wants to talk through it again, and fortunately his winter break is coming up, which will give him a chance to relax and de-stress at home. He will probably return to school a little more cautious and alot wiser, but no worse for wear :)

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Hi L., my oldest is away at school as well. He's doesn't have a lot of street smarts, you know? He's had a pretty sheltered life. :(

On the parents weekend they offered a seminar on safety, which we went to. I don't think it had a huge impression on him, sigh.

It is something I worry about in the back of my mind (when I'm running low on iminent worrisome things, tehehe).

I'm not convinced he protects himself, or will remember the best way to react if something like what happened to your son happens to him.

I'm very glad to hear your son's ok, if a little shaken up, and maybe a little more aware of what's going on around him now.

I know this doesn't help YOU much, but you've helped ME, and I will tell my son about your experience.

Thanks for the update!


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answers from Appleton on

Our babies will always be our babies. My oldest is 35 and if she needs me I'm there, even if she says she doesn't need me.

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thanks for the update... I was thinking about your son...So glad you went too.

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So glad you updated and so glad things are ok. Very thankful that he wasn't hurt too badly. hope things are resolved quickly.



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My mom is 87 and I am 50 and she still has advice for me. You are never too old to need your mommie. Glad to hear he is OK. I would stress that getting info from the campus security or police would be at the top of my list since the dorm is really his "home" and since they accosted him in his own home, and the school owns the home, they should be providing answers as to how they plan to prevent this in the future. Campus dorms are notorious for being easy to enter as long as the criminal fits in with the kids they can just wait until someone comes out, have a backpack slung over a shoulder, and no one would look twice. The school may have to reinforce that only those you KNOW live in the building are allowed in.

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