College Algebra Tutor Needed ASAP

Updated on January 01, 2010
K.D. asks from Lancaster, TX
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Hi moms:

I went back to school this year and did exceptionally well in my DMAT class however, I find myself REALLY struggling with College Algebra. I believe it's a combination of TOO much information and really no instruction since it is online. I am hoping my husband will agree to pay for a tutor to help me these next couple of weeks so I will not have to drop the class. Would anyone be interested, or know someone that could help? Please let me know asap as I am currently drowning in a glass of water and VERY frustrated.

Thank you in advance.

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Call Chad at ###-###-####. He works for two tutoring companies and has a ton of references. He also tutors on the sides so you dont have to pay the expensive company fees.

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Hey there:),
Kudos to you for returning to school! I have too and I am loving it, but it is certainly a lot of work with the kiddos!
If you're anywhere near North Richland Hills, I would be happy to help you out some. I will be taking Calculus and Statistics this coming semester at TCC. I will actually be majoring in Math at TWU beginning this coming fall. No need to pay me if you can come over this way and work it around my little ones' schedules some:).
God bless you in your endeavors and I hope you find the help you're needing!

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I'm not sure where you're located, but I'm in Keller and have tutored college algebra before. I would be interested if you're in my area. When I was in college I was hired by the university to tutor college algebra as a supplimental instructor. I have tutored math for 10 years at some level 5th grade- college alg. I taught for 6 years(not math, but I did help students out with math often LOL). PM me if you might be interested.

BTW be careful looking for a teacher who will tutor for pay. When I taught, we were told absolutely NO tutoring for pay outside of the classroom (students or non students). I don't remember the reasoning, but they were very serious about that, and I don't know that all teachers are aware of it. I just happened to ask my principal about it to find out.

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Sorry if this message is coming too late to help!

The Plano Public Library System offers a free service called It is free tutoring; all you need is a Plano Public Library card and they are free, even if you are not a resident of Plano. Check them out. This is an awesome service! My son used it last year when he was learning Algebra I and it does serve some college courses. Right there on the home page, it says ONLINE TUTORING. Just enter your library barcode number and go. You can check out to see how it works and see if it would help you. What I like about the service is that it's FREE, and available when YOU need it.

Best of luck!



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My name is Josh and I have already taken the class and I might be able to be of some assistance. It has been about a year ago and have taken trig since then but sadly I enjoy algebra. I used to be a math major but just recently changed to Exercise and Sports Science at UTA. I used to do taks tutoring at a middle school and have a lot of patience when it comes to helping out with math. I live in Grand Prairie and my mom works for the city of Irving. I have a facebook account under J. Sedillo and my email is [email protected] I understand that if the tutor and the student don't see eye to eye sometimes it just won't work out, so I don't mind having a first session to see if it will work out. Let me know if your interested..



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Are you online only and no class time with a professor?

My suggestion would be to contact the l ocal community college and you should find some help available by students or teachers.

My daughter is only in 9th grade and most of us go through the guidance counselors to locate tutors. A LOT of teachers tutor on the side so maybe a high school teacher could help you.

Happy New Year.



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My father taught math at a community college for over 30 years. He is now retired but tutors to bring in extra income. He is an excellent teacher. Both my husband and I had him as a teacher. I had him for College Algebra and Trig and my husband had him for Calculus. If you're interested, I can give you his number.

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