Colic/umbilicalcord Hernia/acid Reflux/sleep Apnea

Updated on December 29, 2009
E.S. asks from Amarillo, TX
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Sorry ladies a little background on me here first...
Hi Im a single mom of three great kids the oldest is a 7 year old daughter has anxiety, intractable epilespy, migraines etc. My almost 6 year old son has excema and ADHD and an almost (as of the 29th this month) baby girl who has acid reflux and contact excema.
I just got back from the er with the baby. She has acid reflux and at the age of 4 weeks had surgery for pyloric stynosis. She has been doing pretty good. She had an umbilical cord hernia when she was born and it has become more dominant since the surgery but we can still push it back in.
Anyhow. I took her to the er tonight because she has had 4 episodes of apnea (like sleep apnea) I would watch to see if she was breathing and she was either very very shallow breathing or not breathing at all. I would pick her up and awaken her and finally get her breathing better etc. She has been screaming non sopt lots of times after being fed the last 72 hours. We can't switch formula she throws up all the others. We switched bottles and the ones shes using seem to make her less gassy.
The er doctor told me that she has colic...........................
And to watch her apnea and if it got worse to call an ambulance....
The did a urine test, blood test, and x-rays while we were there said everything came back fine.
Is there any help out there for this or could it really not be colic.....????? I honestly think something else is up or that the hernia is hurting her and I can't get hold of our pedi until Monday I dont care for the one whos on call really!

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So What Happened?

we went to the pedi yesterday they checked her stool no blood or anything, they rechecked her x-rays and said she was very very gassy. So she switched her off of enfamil liipl to similac sensitive. Shes allergic to the formula. She aslo took her off one medicine and put ehr on another. She has tried the new formula twice now kept it down and is feeling much better! She also had a bad left ear infection and the apnea and stomach pain and more then likely some of the gas due to her reflux. Shes doing much better now! Yay !
thanks everyone for your advice!

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I saw this really cool sleeping aid product over the week called nap nanny at lone star baby in frisco. Google it and check it out. It is suppose to help babies sleep who have gas,colic, acid reflux, and other issues. I wish I would of had it with my son who had acid reflux. I will be getting it for baby #2. Doesn't help with your medical issues, but may help her to sleep.



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Hi E.,

I'm sorry to hear about all the health challenges your family is faced with, especially with your being a single mom. I'm sure it is not easy and I will keep you in my prayers.

I market a product that may help all three of your children with the individual issues they are facing. Contact me if you would like some info.

God's blessings be upon you,




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Hi E. thank you for sharing about your kids. This will sound crazy but believe it or not I read that Coconut Oil which can be bought at Kroger's, WalMart or any health food store can be used as skin lotion and it truly helps with the dry skin, stops the itching etc... I actually use it for my face and you would think it is greasy and will oil up everything but it does NOT.

My 30 years young niece wound up in the hospital for a week with an impacted stomach, heartburn etc.... I looked up what might help on internet and found coconut oil to be a wonder. It helped her and my nephew who also had horrible heartburn started using it and no more problems and their kids itchy skin went away too.

Look up coocunt oil on the internet and you will find it is has many healing properties and is antifungal, antibacterial and anitviral so it helps the skin. I use it on my feet everynight and it softened up my feet big time.



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Dr. Dan Cook is homeopath in Dallas. He can help ###-###-####. Could it be reactions to vaccines? Also Craniosacral therapy can help with reflux and sleep apnea. You can call Doris Weiner ###-###-####.



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Hi E., I'm sorry you all are going through such a tough time. Dr. Olgenmola in Ft.Worth is an excellant gastric Dr. he took care of my grandsons tummy problem. He is a very concerned & though doctor. As for the excema, bath them in sea salt,for a month or so until it goes away I promise it will take care of it or any other skin rash. If they have raw areas it may burn a little but not long. After you bath the baby use a cotton ball & rub the salt water all over her skin it won't dry out there skin it will make it soft. If possiable let the older one take showers once you get rid of the rash it will keep it from coming back. try not to use to much lotion if any.
An old home remedy we've use for the umbilical hernia is to tape or bandaid a quarter to the area for several weeks. change it daily & reposition tape to avoid rashes. Our dr. didn't think it would help but after we went back for a 6 month checkup the hernia was gone. Our family has used this on several of our children so I know it works.
I will be praying for the healing of your family have faith & belive that God promised us healing if we ask & have faith.
Bless you all.



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i would ask her pediatritian to refer you to a specialist asap. my son was deemed "failure to thrive" at 3 months old and his pedi suggested going to a gastroentrologist. since she was specifically trained in all things gastro, i felt like she was able to look into all possibilities and make some quick, very educated decisions. her name was dr. whitney and she is a pediatric gastroenterologist ( my son is now fine and although i trust and appreciate his pedi, i am also aware of the benefits of going to someone who is specialized.
i have had too many misdiagnoses from e.r.s, so it's hard for me to trust them with something like this. a car wreck, sure, but not something like this.
what a scary experience with your baby!!! i hope you can find some answers soon!



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How incredibly scary! If they say they have checked all they can check in the ER, I don't know what else you can do. Does your dr. have an answering service where you could at least speak with your dr.? That way, they'd know what is going on and get you in first thing Monday.

As I read your post, I immediately thought about an AngelCare Monitor if you do not already have one. I cannot understand why doctors don't tell us about these! It will sound an alarm if she doesn't breathe for 20 seconds and has a setting where it will tick every time she takes a breath. I have used it the last 2 kids and will use it with our next baby. (My firstborn stopped breathing at 6 months due to RSV.) I bought mine on Ebay for $30 including shipping. I have found them for friends for about the same price. (They are $100 new.) You might get lucky and find one on Craigslist, too.

My only other thoughts...has she had any upper respiratory infection lately that has worn her little lungs out? (Of course, that much crying could wear her out!) Are you giving gas drops? If she cannot tolerate formulas, have you considered trying to get breast milk from a milk bank. Check Le Leche League. Although she might not be throwing this one up, it still can be causing discomfort. A friend of mine donated milk to a little girl who couldn't tolerate any formula. The breast milk worked very well with her. Good luck! Praying you get help soon!

Mom to Jackson, Keaton, Landon...and baby #4 due 2010.

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