Cold Turkey Weaning

Updated on March 18, 2008
L.H. asks from Long Beach, CA
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Due to some antibiotics I have to take suddenly, we are going cold turkey as of yesterday afternoon.

I am really bummed - My daughter is 20 months and I planned to stop by 24 months but more on my own terms... I just told her that "Mommy's boobies have ouchies" and she seemed ok with that answer last night but was really upset about it this morning. She keeps patting her hand on the bed for me to lay down (and nurse her). It's breaking my heart...

Best case I can nurse her next Wednesday morning... is it worth pumping to maintain my milk over the next week so she can resume nursing when I'm well? I would be okay with continuing to nurse but I'd start back up only to start the gradual weaning process.

I guess my question is this: cold turkey or gradual weaning?

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So What Happened?

Well, I went about 36 hours without nursing my daughter and then decided to call the lactation consultant I used when my daughter was born. Although my doctor said no nursing, the lactation consultant and our pediatrician referred to a book called "Medications and Mother's Milk" (by Thomas Hale, a pharmacologist and pediatrician) and we concluded that it was safe enough for me to continue nursing.

So, I have decided to reduce to 1 breastfeeding per day (at bed time) and will gradually wean.

Thanks for your feedback!

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answers from Seattle on

I agree, pump to maintain your supply and let her self-wean...when my daughter was almost 2 I weaned her....I was 2 months preggo at the time and nursing had become so painful! However now I wish I had toughed it out and let her self wean. It broke my heart when I stopped the bedtime feeding...anyway. With my new LO, I'm going to let her nurse as long as she wants! :)



answers from Reno on

Honestly, I'd go cold turkey since you're having to anyway. I know it's tough when you had planned on doing it differently but take advantage of the situation. AFter a week your daughter will be well on her way to forgetting about nursing and if you start again.......and then stop again in a few months I think that would set her back and be confusing to her. Do what is best for her, not for you(emotionally).



answers from Los Angeles on

knowing what i know now about the breastfeeding and the risks of giving formula unnecessarily, i would pump and dump until i could feed her again. then let the weaning process occur naturally



answers from Las Vegas on

L H,

The best thing that worked for me with my son was gradual weaning. I tried cold turkey and my breasts were like rocks. I would also suggest placing cold cabbage leaves in your bra when you are pretty close to being completely weaned. The nurses told me about this when I had my son and something in the cabbage dries your milk up. I was totally skeptical about it and didn't think it would work. I would have been in tons of pain if I didn't do this. I would suggest cutting back one feeding every week or so until you have no more to get rid off. Hope that helps.


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