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Updated on October 09, 2011
K.P. asks from Tacoma, WA
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Hello to all you ladies! Hope you are all having a great friday so far!

My son 18 mo and has a cold, and is a miserable little guy. He has the works, stuffy, runny nose, cough, cranky, tired etc, etc
What are some things that I can do to make him feel better?
Are there any cold medicines that he can have?

And! It figures too cause we just got our flu shots last week too lol. I know, not the same as a cold but still!

I feel bad for the poor little sweetie, help me out please girls!

Added: He has eczema usually just on his back and slightly on his face, but the cold seems to have made it a little worse on his cheeks..


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So What Happened?

Okay, I was curious about the meds because my BIL and SIL have twins the exact same age, and their pediatrician told them they could give the kids Childrens Cold medicine, but to lower the dose to like 1 teaspoon on the syringe. I found it odd cause my doctor didnt mention it....Added: Yes, he can have a little bit and they told me the dosage.

Added: Jessica, yes I know that it is based on his weight, I just called his doctor, thanks tho.
I also know that a flu shot and a cold arent related. This is why I said, "I know it's not the same as a cold" Me saying it figures is because of course we get a shot to prevent getting sick from something and soon after my son gets a cold. So yes, it does figure.
Thirdly, yes he is allergic to dairy and thus on Soy Milk, so it's not a reaction from that. But again, thank you.

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answers from Dallas on

I would see if you can find some liquide vitamin A. It's got a natrual healent in it and it's good for helping skin heal. I give it to my kids and myself anytime we start to get sick.

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answers from Seattle on

You really need to try homeopathic remedies. They work so well, and have no scary side effects like Tylenol or other medicines. Ocillococcinum by Boiron, Chestal Honey, Similisan, and Hyland's all are given in either tiny sugar tablets to dissolve in the mouth or syrup forms. Within 15 minutes the little ones are feeling better, and the best part is you can't over dose them - just give some every 15 minutes until they have relief, and then every couple hours as needed. You can find these at Walgreens, Fred Meyer, some grocery stores, and Super Supplements. Friend them on Facebook for coupons!

A huge help is saline for the congestion. It really clears out their nose so they can breathe and sleep better. Yes, they hate it, but after my girls got used to it they didn't even fight it anymore because they knew it helped them feel better!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Rest & fluids.
Cool mist humidifier in the room at night.
Prop his crib on phone books or blocks to ease congestion.
No OTC meds til 6, I believe. Ineffective and potentially dangerous...
Hope he's better in 7-10 days!

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answers from Portland on

Warm baths help loosen up congestion. You can also take 2 oz of olive oil and add 1 to 2 drops eucalyptus oil and rub it on his chest to help with breathing. The ancient remedy of chicken noodle soup really works especially if it's homemade. Slow cook the chicken all day to get the nourishment out of the marrow. Many children like chamomile tea with a little in it. It's worth trying.

The next 6-8 weeks, he will have a lot of colds as his immune system sees the flu shot as an attack and will fight it. This weekens it and makes it vulnerable to basic colds. To help him, make sure he washes his hands frequently, give him vitamin D and vitamin C everyday. Give him daily probiotics. Don't give him sugar and limit fruit as sugar weekens the immune system. This will help boost his immune system and lesson the number of colds he will get over ghe winter.

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answers from Seattle on

Poor little guy! I usually give my little guys Benadryl at night to help ease their stuffy noses and get them some rest. I think we all know how horrible trying to sleep with a stuffy nose is! My doc is totally okay with this, but if you have doubts - check with yours. Unfortunately there aren't any cold medications he can have at that age, which is why I've used Benadryl...

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answers from Houston on

Sit in the bathroom w/a hot shower running so he can breath in the steam.

Squirt some baby saline spray up his nose and suction.

Squirt saline in a nebulizer.

Use a humidifier - wam or cool mist works for us.

Vicks also has a humidifier which you can add menthol solution in the water.

We also use Vicks menthol heating pads.

You can try Vicks vapor rub but it made my kid break out so I don't use it on him, but it works for me.

Hope your little guy feels better!

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answers from Seattle on

We have had good luck with the Wish Garden line of herbs, they have a childrens line. If you can get to a Pharmaca or other natural food store may carry them. My son just had a cold last week and we gave him some for 2 days and he felt alot better and actually was requesting the medicine because it was helping him.

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answers from Miami on

Chicken soup!!!! even put some lukewarm soup in a sippy cup and let him sip it all day.
Orange juice/water
warm baths
fresh air and sunshine
lots of love :)

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answers from Portland on

Hello Tia,
I have to say most on here can really help, but as a new mom many years ago my husband and i would give our baby a nice warm bath twice a day and then dress him warm for bed, a few years later when he got chicken pox l well best i found was a bath still twice or more a day but using Aveeno soap in the tub or plain dry oatmeal floating letting him play in it something about the oatmeal is great for the skin as the flu shot rids the body of bacteria while the oatmeal cleans it away and softens the skin with him having eczema some it help the itcheys they do have aveeno lotion that help wonderful too. Best of mommy world take care S., PS Waiting to be a grandma someday lol

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answers from Chicago on

For a cough you can do Honey and ginger or honey and lemon to quite the cough. since she is over 12 months.. that will coat the throat and help quiet the cough.

Bath with the mentho/vicks soap helps open them up.

Soup, with garlic gets things going and moving.. clears the sinuses.

lots of love, maybe sleep in the stroller propped up if you can not prop the bed easily.
Good luck it stinks having a sick baby.

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answers from Tampa on

There's nothing worse than seeing your little one sick and feeling helpless. There aren't any cold medicines recommended at this age, but you can do a few things to make them feel better. Humidifier in the room is key. Honey will help the cough a little temporarily. My pedi advised against vicks products because they irritate the respiratory track (although most moms swear by it). Put on socks to make sure his feet are warm at night too. Warm soothing liquids, keep him well hydrated. Last but not least, lots of love. My little guy can't sleep well when sick, so we usually take him with us or take turns sleeping with him to make sure he stays elevated or give him water etc... at night. Hope he feels better soon!!!

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answers from Seattle on

Humidify his room, use saline spray in his nose and rub vicks on his feet and put socks on him and lots of fluids(water).

Most DR won't recommend any OTC products for colds because they have found that they really don't do much to help the kids and it is so easy to overdose. Even if a DR said it was ok, I probably wouldn't use one.

Sorry that he feels so awful. I hope he is feeling better soon. We are going thru the same thing at our house too, but now I have it.

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answers from Eugene on

I will help you out. NEVER get a flu shot for someone with eczema or asthma.
I have never, ever taken one in my entire life. If you get the flu you take Boiron Oscillococcinum. I had Swine Flu and it was gone in 3 days. I only get the flu every 30 years it is usually a doozie.
Go buy the homeopathic mentioned above and all his issues will disappear.
Homeopathy cured me of asthma after 29 years of suffering.
In Tacoma there are any number of well qualified homeopaths. You need one to be your regular provider.
When eczema goes away it becomes asthma unless it has been treated by a homeopath or an acupuncturist.

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answers from Hartford on

Call your pediatrician for dosage information on Childrens' Cold remedies like Children's Tylenol Cold or Children's Advil Cold in liquid suspension. Dosage would be based on your child's weight.

And the fact that your child had a flu shot last week has nothing to do with having a cold now. I don't know how that "figures."

While he's sick try to avoid giving him any dairy. It can make mucus worse and if he has eczema, have you considered that he has eczema as an allergic reaction to dairy?

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