Cold Medicine for a 1 Year Old

Updated on November 29, 2012
A.K. asks from Omaha, NE
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My little guy just turned one last week. He's been fighting a cold for a few weeks now. Not bad enough to need a doctor visit but enough that I think he needs some meds. I have advil and tylenol for teething but don't really have a decongestent for a baby. Is there anything over the counter I can give him? I have a call in to the docs office but they haven't called me back yet

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answers from Atlanta on

Unfortunately there isn't anything that is ok for a 1 year old. The saline only sprays can help a little though and they are safe.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

No. None. Never for a 1 yr old!
Saline, cool mist & liquids!

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answers from Columbia on

Try "Little Noses" for the congestion. No drugs and it's awesome.

Also, ensure you have a cool mist humidifier going to help with the overly dry winter air in the house.

ETA: The American Association of Pediatrics doesn't recommend giving decongestents to children under age 6.

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answers from Chicago on

My son also recently turned a year and has been a bit stuffed up and dealing with post nasal drip. At his appt the doc asked about having a cool mist humidifier on hand and to just try to keep cleaning him out with the blue bulb thingy (which my son fights of course). He also suggested a warm bath to loosen things up a bit. This has helped.

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answers from Washington DC on

Not much you can do. Most of the old cold meds were pulled or are now for kids 6+. We use a humidifier for DD and also Vicks baby rub on her chest sometimes. You can also lift the head of his bed to help him when he's sleeping.

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answers from Chicago on

Only a doctor can help you medicate. In the mean time, pedialyte or gatorade, and food, and the standard toddler vitamins.

Get a bottle of vapor bath and let him soak if he gets stuffy. Make sure the house is equally warm so he doesn't get chilled.

Hope he feels better.



answers from Honolulu on

Take him to the Pediatrician.
For a 1 year old, you need the Doctor to tell you, what you can use and the proper dosage and the frequency, of the dosage. Don't just guess at it.
OTC cold medicines are not for this age. You can overload their system/kidneys with too much.
Ask your Pediatrician. And get him checked out... you said he has been sick for "a few weeks now."
Get him diagnosed properly.

A Pediatrician, will not just tell you something over the phone, unless they had examined him first.



answers from Minneapolis on

No meds needed.

Colds are treated with rest, fluids, and good nutrition. Whatever can keep him comfortable enough to sleep. Sleep is nature's cure.

With older children, you can use children's Tylenol, not with a 1-year old. But again, Tylenol does not cure colds or fever. It simply helps relieve pain to allow sleep to do its magic.

If he's congested, get a room vaporizer. They cost about $30 at Walgreens and the pharmacist can advise you how to use it. If the weather's been pretty dry, his mucous production may be working overtime!



answers from Kansas City on

No, do not give him cold medicine! You can do allergy medicine, we like Zytrec when my kids have a cough or runny nose, they really do work well. Other than that, humidifiers are great! We also use those plug-in Sudacare things that have menthol in them and they are nice too.


answers from Norfolk on

No decongestants!
Because they don't dry things up so much as clog things up.
And that leads to ear infections.
You have to keep the mucus loose and flowing.
Make sure he gets plenty of fluids, take him in the shower with you so he can breathe the steamy air, use a humidifier, rinse his nose out with a bulb syringe (we use to call it the snot sucker) and saline (they hate it but it can really clear them up for awhile).
Hope he feels better soon!



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with the other comments about actual cold medicine, but I have had luck with the homeopathic brand Hyland's. I haven't used it on a baby (though my sister swears by the gas pills), but I have used it for my toddler and 5 year old. They do have a baby product :

I also had great luck with the Nose Frida nose sucker when my daughter was a baby. They hate it, but you get way more out of their nose than with a bulb syringe. It seems like a gross concept, but it is relatively cheap and much more effective. Unfortunately, you might have to order if from online!



answers from Chicago on

No my peanut is 18 months and is fighting a cold. Sucking her nose, humidifier, Tylenol .. is it..

also the typical.. Soups- mine loves split pea.. Onion, garlic, carrots, celery with a ham bone and peas..

The garlic and onion will help to open the sinuses and Garlic is a natural antibiotic.

Good luck

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