Cold Food for Babies. Is It Ok ?? and Advise on Cough and Sore Throat ...

Updated on May 31, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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Do you give food/milk directly out of the refrigerator to your baby?

My 1 year old always had food a little warm ( even baby food) and water at room temperature. He started daycare , had cold food and liquids there directly out from refrigerator. He came down with fever, cold, cough, sore throat and also ended up with a ear infection. He wouldn't eat anything for atleast 4 days because his throat hurt. Other kids at daycare eat cold food. Do you think my son will get used to it? For now I have requested them to give everything at room temp atleast until his throat gets better.
I don't want to make a big deal of it but it's hard to see him cough all the time and not be able to eat anything.He is now having Stage 2 baby food - beacuse it's easy for him to swallow it.

What do you do when your kid has sore throat? Do you still continue with cold food? Doc told us there isn't any medicine I can give my baby for sore throat and cold and cough. What do you do moms? Is there any food to avoid or give him when he has a cold and a cough that could help him feel better? I have heard honey soothes the throat ... any body tried it?

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answers from Chicago on

We never bothered to warm bottles or milk. My boys were breastfed, but we just ran the frozen milk under warm water until it thawed. I think we would warm their cereal, but we only did that for about a month before we realized we didn't need to. My boys never had any trouble eating or drinking cold items.

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answers from St. Louis on

Honey does soothe a sore throat and cough - as long as your son is over 1 and he is. As far as warm versus cold food, babies do not (in most cases) have a preference to temperature. Often parents warm baby food to give to their babies and they get used to it. Cold food is fine for him. He probably got sick at daycare because he was AT DAYCARE, not because of the food!! With a sore throat and cough, sometimes doctors say to limit milk intake because it can cause the child to cough more - lots of water or juice/watered down or popsicles would be good. Applesauce, pudding, yogurt, ice cream, etc. Also, how do you know he has a sore throat? Did he tell you? Is it red? You can give Tylenol and Motrin for pain.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Is his nose draining..yucky snot? I know for anyone, no matter the age, this is what can make the throat so sore! That gunk drains down the back of your throat as well (its just one big super highway in there...nose, throat and ears..why do you think those are the specialty docs? ENT's are Ear, Nose and Throat Docs! :-).

Drainage is usally the worst when sleeping/laying naps and night sleeping. The gunk drains and we wake up raw and sore and sounding all rough, not wanting to eat..whiny and grumpy in a toddlers case, perhaps? Cold food should feel pretty good...warm as well, as someone else suggested the warm teas in a sippy (to his temp). I always did that with my daughter and since we are a tea household anyways (hot and cold), she is an AVID maniacal tea drinker now as a teen! But cold popcicle (make your own from watered juice if you like), or some warm tea? No reason you can't.

After 14 years running my own Home Childcare...I can tell you temp of food (and baby bottles) is totally a preference thing. And for M....I do not feed baby food to one year olds (not sure if you meant YOU are or the daycare is). Just M.. Most of mine are not eating it well before that. But I can say as far as fruit, etc..most prefer more of a room temp thing. But I feed a few cold things like meat for sandwiches, cheese...stuff like that (that was todays lunch...11 month old and just turned 1 year old yesterday had a sandwich just like big kids...cubed up...I use my pizza cutter to cut everything like great!).

I was always for making my child least so she could sleep as it made a world of difference in her dispostion. My Dr was never opposed so stringently to meds. He told M. the dose for her weight of the proper OTC decongestant to attempt to dry up the snot production over night so she could breathe easier and rest and not wake up so sore in the throat. I was all for it. I rarely did that in the day time..better to let the cold run its course...but I like to be comfortable and breathe when I sleep with a cold...I did the same for my child. It did not negatively affect her long term in any way. She is 16 now.

good luck.

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answers from Sioux City on

I think he'd be ok if you gave him food and drink from the fridge unless needed to be cooked and he'll be fine. I have to ask though, why isn't he on table food by now though?



answers from Dallas on

From what I understand, you're asking if cold food is ok for kids. Honestly, temperature is a preference and doesn't cause any problems, illness, etc. (unless it's TOO hot or TOO cold). From the fridge is perfectly fine. He got sick from germs, not food temperature.

I would think cold food/drinks would actually feel best for a sore throat. It wouldn't be the temperature that prevented him from eating, but the pain of swallowing - perhaps the food was too solid or big to swallow. Hope that helps :)


answers from Dallas on

I used to use warm water to make our babies bottles but I didn't put it in the microwave. Baby food was not warmed up. Even now she's 4 and likes her food room temp or even cold (gross!) He will get used to it. For the cold, I would give motrin for the throat and a teaspoon of honey works very well. Hope he feels better!



answers from New York on

we give our son food at room temperature, or straight out of the fridge. my mother warms his bottles and food when she feeds him. he doesn't seem to have a problem with any temperature, and eats/drinks without complaint.

as for soothing the throat, I haven't any suggestions. Hope your little one feels better soon.


answers from Los Angeles on

I gave my 9 mo old frozen fruit shakes when she has a sore throat, I think it offered her some relief. I also think warm pepermint tea in a sippy cup or bottle offers relief. I'm sure you've been chastized enough on this point but I seem to find myslef on a crusade over this most wildly believed wives tale; cold weather and cold foods do not cause colds. Colds are viral. Your daughter was exposed to viruses. While she has symptoms, cold things may be better for her throat.



answers from Chicago on

Both my sons took their bottles (I pumped with the first, went straight to formula with the second) straight from the refrigerator.

The reason we did this was because my first son never liked it warm. I tried heating my expressed breastmilk and he refused it. The next time we tried it cold and he took to it no problem. Ever since then, it's been cold.

It was awesome - we never had to worry about warming a bottle and could travel with premade bottles with an ice pack in an insulated bag. Then, when it was time to switch to milk we didn't have to warm that either.

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