Cold/cough Going Around?

Updated on December 28, 2010
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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Is there a bad cold, followed by a bad cough, virus going around? Specifically in north east area? Seems to be a pretty severe cough that lasts a few weeks? Any ideas? My sick SIL was over for Christmas yesterday and we have a new baby so I am really upset that she even came knowing how concerned I am with the baby getting sick. She said a virus is going around. Of course I am freaked out about whooping cough, so I'm hoping there is something else going around.

What don't people understand about staying away from a baby when they are sick?? Had she told me, I would have asked her not to come. I kept the baby awAy but she can get the rest of my family sick. I am so frustrated!!!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

A lot of people around this area (Oklahoma City) have been getting lingering colds too. I don't think it has developed beyond a cold in anyone I know, though.

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answers from Denver on

It is just that time of year. Unfortunately your SIL was completely out of line to bring her germ infested self to your house knowing you have an infant there.

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answers from Albany on

There are a ton of bugs going around right now... my 5 year old just got over what the doctor thinks was MONO!! While you can be careful, wash hands frequently and not go around others in at the worst of your illness (usually most cotagious during fever stage), you also can't live in a bubble. Germs are everywhere- and although you don't want a newborn to get sick, no matter how long you are careful, your kids will get sick a lot until there immunity builds up... children who are not in daycare, tend to get sick more once they reach school. Most likely, your baby will be fine. If your Sister In Law did not have a fever and has had the cough for a while, she probably isn't contagious. My son is prone to coughs.... when he gets a cold, his cough lingers for weeks even though he is fine otherwise. My rule of thumb is I keep my kids away from others who have had fevers, vomiting, or diarhea and make sure those people have been free of those symptoms fro atleast 24 hours before being around others- this is usually what pediatricians/Daycares and Schools use as there rule of thumb as well. As long as your sister in law has had the cough for a while, she is probably only minimally contagious and if you kept your baby away, she will be fine.

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answers from Lansing on

I took my daughter to urgent care today and she has bronchitis. The doctor there said alot of different virus' are going around. It's that time of year :(

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answers from Washington DC on

we just moved to DC area a week ago and the day after we got here, my daughter got really sick. She was throwing up, fever, yucky cough, stuffy nose, and broke out in a rash on her chest, and ended last night (almost a week later) with more throwing up. She is still coughing pretty hard too. My son woke up coughing this morning and had a fever of 102.5. I also woke up with a sore throat, but am feeling ok now after drinking a ton of water, emergen - C drinks and vitamins. Hopefully I won't get it

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answers from Boca Raton on

Our entire family got hit by that bug. That hardly ever happens, and it is a nasty one. I would be upset if I had a newborn exposed to it too.

What helped me was lots of fluids, Vitamin C, and staying away from dairy.

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answers from New York on

Hi R.,
Yup. Among a variety of head colds (our whole family is on our second one in 3 weeks), there's a GI/cold bug going around. We took our little one to the Dr. on Christmas eve day and that's what it was. He threw up the night before (only a few times) and hasn't since. Now it's just a crusty nose. My older one got it, never threw up, but had a low grade fever for 24 hrs. He's on the upswing today with no fever. Now my husband and I have head colds (the kind where you can't breathe when you lay down/sleep).
I understand your frustration! SIL was out of line. Hope baby is well soon :o)

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answers from New York on

Hi R., Yes there a few things going around.(whooping cough is not one of them) Hopefully if you are nursing, the baby has lots of immunity. Still you can not help by getting upset. Did she cough near the baby? Anyway, just do your best... all will be well. Grandma Mary

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answers from New York on

It si unfortunate your sister introduced germs into the house. There are always germs around though, especially in the winter. If you are breastfeeding at all, even 1 feeding per day, your baby will have some protection because you will be passing the immunities on to the baby. I had 2 babies born in the winter and neither one got any colds or anything until they were a bit older (6 months for one and 8 months for the other). Frequent hand washing is important (hand sanitizer in a pinch).

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answers from Jamestown on

I live in PA and yes there was a viral infection going around for the last three weeks. Headache, vomiting, sore throat, and cough. The Doctors are giving a 10 day antibiotic. my kids were over it two days later.


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