Coffee Stain on Plaster Wall

Updated on October 08, 2010
J.M. asks from Melrose, MA
5 answers

My husband managed to spill a cup of coffee while coming downstairs.... ideas to get it out of plaster wall (with scalloped pattern)???


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So What Happened?

Nothing worked until I painted it with Killz!

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answers from Orlando on

Not sure, but do NOT use Magic Eraser- it will take the paint off the walls. This is experience talking.

I did a little google search and saw baking soda and water made into a paste and rubbed with a sponge should help, or Lysol Lemon all purpose cleaner.

I would also try the Blue Dawn dish soap, that thing cleans everythin!

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answers from Boston on

Hi J., Shaklee's Basic H2 should take that coffee stain off -- I would mix it in the regular all-purpose cleaning dilution. It is non-toxic and does an amazing job on walls, woodwork, appliances, countertops, floors, etc. If you want to try it, I will be happy to send you a free sample with directions. Just e-mail me your snail-mail address, and I will pop it in the mail asap. Hope this is helpful. E. Taft [email protected]


answers from Boston on

I agree with Beth and Emily. Bleach and Lysol have toxins and can be harmful to you and your family, so you would be putting toxic vapors in your home. Try the natural solutions. I used the Basic H years ago, but have found the Solumel or Tough and Tender to be more economical, excellent choices of green products and works very good.



answers from Johnstown on

You may want to dilute some bleach and lightly spray it on the wall or dampen a paper towel or rag and blot the area with the solution. As it dries, it SHOULD pull the stain. HTH



answers from Allentown on

melaleuca's sol-u-mel!

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