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Updated on June 06, 2010
J.S. asks from Palos Park, IL
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I am having a baby shower in July for my sister and her husband. It is basically like a big picnic for everyone they know...girls, guys, even some kids! I still want to make it baby-showerish without getting too crazy:) Any ideas? Has anyone done this before? How about party favors? Oh, they are having a baby girl. Please give me any ideas you have! I am not feeling very creative! HELP :)

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answers from Chicago on

Its always really cute to see the guys race to change the baby dolls diaper. I have seen this game played at a few showers, including my own.

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answers from Chicago on

This isn't very baby-themed, but the guys might like it: I went to a bridal shower where the guests had a beer tasting game. Bottles of unusual brews were placed on a table with little numbered plastic shot glasses full of beers were available for tasting. Guests had a list of the beer names & had to try & match with the number from the shot glasses. (Obviously, each beer was assigned a different number for the glasses.) Whoever matched the most correctly won a small prize.


answers from Allentown on

Party City is pretty good, they have a LOT of cute ideas for baby showers...I'd use neutral colors (yellow, green, light brown, gray, etc.) for decor/theme/streamers/table linens, etc.

Also, Michael's craft stores, Dollar Tree have great favor ideas (frames, lil candles, soaps, etc.). I'd just keep everything as simple as possible, esp. if this is the couple's 1st baby :) Ask other relatives/friends/neighbors what they did or experienced w/ their baby showers (co-ed or not).

For favors, you can get those lil bottles of bubbles (usually used @ weddings), and i think they come in white, mostly, maybe get them in other colors if they're available? Maybe use anything w/ ducks/sheep/lambs? There are TONS of resources online, I'm sure U will find something!

Definitely get / do the following for games:
- Advice cards (guests fill out tips/advice for new parents)
- Bingo game (have prizes ready for kids AND adults)
- Guess the baby's name (if no one knows it)
- Trivia about the baby's parents (without divulging embarrassing family secrets, gross moments, etc.)

Hope I was somewhat helpful, good luck!



answers from Killeen on

my baby shower was co-ed, my MIL had fun games that everyone could enjoy playing =) some ideas are:
-make a list of animals and set a timer for, say 2 minutes, and see who can write down the most correct names of the animals' babies (i.e. goose/gosling, goat/kid, cow/calf, etc.)
-give each guest a roll of toilet paper and have them guess how many squares it will take to wrap once around the mom-to-be's belly
-have the mom-to-be walk around with a tray full of baby items that you tell the guests to memorize; she walks out and then you tell the guests they have to write down everything they remember that the MOM is wearing! =) whoever gets the most right gets a prize!
-guess how many candies are in a baby bottle
-have a race to see who can drink a whole baby bottle of water the fastest
-see who can unscramble the most baby-related words in a certain amount of time

hope these ideas help you out!



answers from Washington DC on

the last co-ed shower I went to the women all went onto the porch for the shower and presents. the men were in the other room watching Nascar and the kids.

If you want to involve the men, you could do some games like the following
- Diaper race - pack of premie diapers, some water balloons. put chocolate pudding or whipped cream on the outside of the ballon and put a diaper on it. The men have to change the balloon's diaper.

- Bottle relay - pack of bottles from the dollar store, water, small can of formula. While a team member is holding a screamming baby, the men have to make a bottle 3-4 oz.

- Ice cream sundaes - buy TONS of wierd pregnancy cravings stuff. Then as the women radomly have cravings, them men have to go fix it.



answers from San Diego on

My friend did one and we played poker. It was so much fun! The winners at each table got a certificate for Starbucks or something.

She just did sort of an informal buffet beforehand and we chatted and had food and drinks and then went and played poker. There were all kinds of ages there, so she did a quick tutorial...even the 92 year old grandma played!

If the kids attending are old enough, set up a table for them to play go fish or a kids game and then have little goody bags for all of them.

Then at the end they opened up gifts and we went home.

It was mom went too and she HATES games and she had a really good time chatting with people and playing.



answers from Raleigh on

Have a diaper cake made, that way they will have plenty of diapers ready for the new little one :-)



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answers from Myrtle Beach on

My SIL threw my husband and I a co-ed shower.... We didn't play games, as we were visiting from SC to NY, she figured everyone just mingle a bit... It was a great time... as far as favors, the men got chapstick, and the women got lipgloss.... Thought that was SO cute! Have fun!



answers from Kansas City on

I think keeping it baby showerish is going to be really hard with a bunch of men around! Just sayin' :) . I think you should pick a theme and go with it. THe poker theme is cute or you could do a luau, since it will be summer it's easy to find tons of cheap luau decor! Check out Oriental Trading Co, Party City, US Toy, etc. You could always refer to the baby as the little coconut! ;)



answers from Chicago on

My baby shower was co-ed and we sent invites that said "Please join us for a Baby-que (BBQ) to help welcome our new baby who will arrive in Oct." We had a cook out where everyone was to bring a dish and we had the wooden baby blocks as center pieces so then we could keep them for baby. We just had basic picnic games like corn hole, and volleyball. It was a huge success! Good luck and have fun!

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