Coconut Oil for Baby Yeast Infection

Updated on January 04, 2013
T.H. asks from Topeka, KS
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So I just got some coconut oil at the market for the baby. Turns out, you mama's were right. He does have a yeast infection due to his antibiotic. You are so smart! I thank you very, very much. So I have never used coconut oil. I was thinking it was going to be an "oil". Its actually a solid. It gets liquid above 76*. How do I put this on my babies bottom? I just scooped some out and rubbed my hands together to get it warm and that seemed to work. It was a bit messy. Is there an easier way to use this for him? Also, I did get pure coconut oil, I was thinking it would smell good. It dosen't smell bad, it just doesn't have a scent. Did I get the wrong thing?

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So What Happened?

It worked awesome! It killed the yeast WAY faster than the Nystatin prescription that I had did. He is finally done with the antibiotic so looking forward to having a clear bottom soon!

Thanks again ladies!

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answers from Fargo on

You got the right thing! Coconut oil is supposed to be solid until a certain point (usually 72-76 degrees, depending on the oil) and you are right, it's a mess! :) Sorry about that.

Not all coconut oils smell like coconut- if it's cold pressed, it smells different than expeller pressed. I can't remember which is which right now, though.

We use coconut oil for so many things! I put it in the bath to alleviate dry skin, I make my own body scrubs with it (coconut lime scrub? oh, so good!), I cook with it, and have even used it to cure, "ahem", a long running bout of bacterial vaginosis. TMI, I know, but it was the only thing that worked!

Good luck! :)

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answers from Anchorage on

Any food grade coconut oil will work, and although it is messy at first it absorbs very well into the skin. I use it to treat so many things, I even use it as a facial moisturizer.

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answers from Dallas on

The 'organic' (expensive) stuff is the one that has the coconutty smell. I love love love coconut oil. It is sort of messy but it absorbs quickly so while treating baby's sore bum, you'll be getting a nice treatment for your hands, too. I scoop a bunch of the stuff into a smaller jar and keep it in my bathroom where it stays solid, but a bit softer and easier to scoop out. I use it instead of moisturizer. It's supposed good for dark circles under the eyes, and great for my super-dry skin~

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answers from Portland on

I'm coming into this late, how does coconut oil stop yeast infections? We just got a huge jug of it at Costco for like $21...and we've been cooking with it, but we deal with yeast in our little guy a lot. Thanks for the explanation...



answers from Champaign on

Please update how it works for you. My son is going through the same thing for an ear infection. I had him at the doctor for his 4 month check up on Wednesday and she said it's fungal and to use Lotriman (which i have been) followed up by a nice layer of Aquaphor. I've actually been doing that since Monday. I did that same routine with my oldest and his always cleared up right away. Althought it has gotten better, it's still very red and sore looking. I'm willing to try anything else that will heal him a little faster. At least he's not arching and tightening his legs when we change him..he's not as much bothered by it now, but I am cause I feel horrible he's got such a bad rash, but this is his second ear infection (the other antibiotic didn't give him a rash) so I want to make sure all of this medicine is used and hopefully he will be clear of any infections for a while.

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