Coconut Milk Supplement

Updated on September 07, 2010
E.G. asks from San Bernardino, CA
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Is it a good idea to give my 6 mo old daughter coconut milk as a supplement? I've heard its good 4 her, but I'm not sure...doesn't she get everything she needs from formula?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses...I don't think I'll be giving my daughter coconut was just a thought running thru my head...and a suggestion from a health nut friend. haha

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answers from San Francisco on

She gets everything she needs from formula and I have never heard of coconut milk as a supplement.

You can start to introduce purees now but its just an introduction not to get all her nutrients.

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answers from New York on

I'd wait until she is eating mostly solid foods (probably age 9-12 months at least). Ask the doctor when she needs a vitamin. My ped gave a prescription for liquid ones to me at the 12 month appointment.

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answers from Dallas on

No, she's fine on formula. There is no reason to give her anything else until you want to start introducing solids which is just for practice for right now until she's 12 mos.

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answers from Los Angeles on

As long as a baby is drinking breastmilk or formula, I wouldn't supplement. I would however highly recommend coconut milk over cows milk once she is 1. So much better for her!
Best wishes,

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answers from Norfolk on

She does get everything she needs from formula (or breast milk). Waiting till 9-12 months is fine (and she might be eating some other first baby foods by then, too. I'm wondering why you think she needs supplementing. If she's gaining weight at a good pace, I wouldn't worry.

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answers from Austin on

You're not suppose to give an infant under the age of 12 months anything other than breast milk or formula. Their kidneys are not mature enough to process water (or juice) out of their system... Giving them water (including an coconut juice) can cause "water intoxication" which is the primary reason for seizures in an otherwise healthy baby. No joke.

"Giving an infant additional water to drink causes infant water intoxication by diluting the sodium in babies blood and flushing it out of babies body. That reduces the electrolytes in the babies body, altering brain activity, causing seizures to occur in the otherwise healthy infant."

"The most common victim of water intoxication is an infant three to six months old who is brought to the emergency room either seizing or not breathing. The infants blood is too dilute. The initial treatment is intravenous solutions with a high concentration of salts. Sometimes the infant will spontaneously urinate large quantities of dilute urine to re-establish the normal salt concentrations in the blood. There is a risk of serious problems and even death from water intoxication."

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