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Updated on December 15, 2013
R.M. asks from Albany, MN
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I am in dyer need of a clothing makeover. I have a hard time picking out what is in style and what looks good on me. Wondering what kind of clothing stores you in style mama's shop at? I am 31 years old. Lookin' forward to any suggestions.

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answers from Appleton on

I like Penney's. The best thing you can do is ask a friend who's style you like to go shopping with you. Start small and build.
The biggest reason I like Penney's is because they usually have wonderful clearance racks, so you are not paying so much for new clothes.

It would help to know how old you are.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Nordstrom & Macys are great. I grew up shopping at Macy's & you can get great deals there when you have their credit card (20% off when you use it) & they send you coupons. I just found a boutique called Francesca's Collections that has super cute inexpensive items.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

this site will give you a ton of information. Check out the blog archives for everything from finding your style to dressing your body shape. She also has wonderful formula dressing for 'moms- on- the -go' that make it so easy to know what to wear to look good.

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answers from St. Louis on

Depends on my mood and what kind of money I am looking to spend. I am a big believer in you get what you pay for.

I could shop at Barneys New York or Old Navy - two VERY different price ranges.

Your best bet - go for classy looking. Knee length skirts in neutral colors are sexy, feminine, comfortable, powerful - the list goes on.

You cannot go wrong with a pair of nice white pants for summer.

Some of my fav stores:

- Old Navy for inexpensive sandals and laid back summer skirts
- The Limited
- Von Maur
- Barneys
- Banana Republic
- White House Black Market
- Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft
- Tribeca

Have fun shopping!!

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answers from Houston on

I'm 30 and I like to dress in kind of quirky, vintage fashions, as well as modern outfits. I love thrifting, so that drives my style. J.Crew, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie, Ruche, , , Banana Republic... are places I would go if I had money (or if they have really good sales). Gap, American Eagle, Target, Marshals, Forever 21, Ross, JC Pennies, Kohls, are cheaper, (though those last ones the clothes don't last as long). You can see some of my looks here:

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answers from Milwaukee on

There are lots of cute stylish clothes at the DEB(found in almost any mall). Kohl's, Old Navy, Maurices(my favorite store for stylish clothing). Marshalls and TJ Maxx have lots of clothes to choose from also and not expensive either.

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answers from Boston on

I signed up for an online service called You get a weekly general e-mail (which is free) that has a fashion topic and a mission for the week - it might be to clean your closet, or wear a dress, or wear accessories every day for a week, or wear tall boots, etc. If you pay for a subscription, on Thursdays you get a personal shopping guide for the week. When you sign up you pick your body type (so everyone from petites to plus sizes can get styles for them) and you get pictures of what's in style for that body type for tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories etc. You can even click on the pics and shop on-line. The service varies the retailers featured in the shopping list each week - some weeks it's higher-end stuff like Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, or Talbot's all the way down to Target on the other end of the spectrum.

I bought a 1-year subscription and really love it. I don't shop on-line (hard to fit) but by seeing styles week in and week out, I know what to look for when I do shop. I can go through a whole store and quickly grab the few pieces that I know will work - I now know the most flattering cuts, colors, fabrics and styles for me and can easily ignore everything else.

Look into this service - it's not a ton of money and what you save by buying clothes that you actually wear again and again will more than pay for the subscription.

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answers from Joplin on

Can't help you much, I am a thrift shop girl. I am also a very spoiled daughter to a mom who is a shop o holic, so lucky for me she fills in my wardrobe throughout the year and she is a mall shopper, chain department stores...if I need something specific I will look at lower end stores like Walmart or Target...I am not picky about where it comes from, its all about if i like it or not. TJ Max is hit and miss, Old Navy has awesome sales and cute casual clothes. Think about what you wear that makes you happy, look for clothes that fit and that are flattering, what color looks best on you?


answers from Dallas on

take a stylish friend with you when you shop. it wont matter where you shop if you dont have an eye for putting outfits together. i took my teenage daughter with me for years. She now thinks I can handle it on my own. :) If money is no object, you can pay a personal shopper to go with you and help you find your style.



answers from New York on

Try BananaRepublic, Ann Taylor Loft, White House Black Market, H & M and Nordstom.


answers from Boston on

Thrift stores usually. When a former classmate comes to my city, we hit H&M because they are not in her city and she loves that store. I usually find some things on the clearance rack there when I go there with her..



answers from Houston on

It would help to know how old you are and what size you wear.

I like Ann Taylor Loft and old navy for jean skirts and shorts.



answers from Seattle on

H&M and Target have a lot of cute, stylish clothes for very good prices! For less money I like gap, old navy, JCPenney, the limited, TJ maxx, marshalls. For a little more, macys, nordstom, ann Taylor loft, banana republic, j crew, white house black market, and just went to a caBi party this year, super cute stuff! They do home parties, where you get to try things on and it's fun!



answers from Chicago on

last fall i decided it was time for a new wardrobe since i lost 30 pounds after my surgery (not weight loss). i decided to look at a little boutique not far from me just to get ideas on styles, i lost my style since i hadn't shopped in 5 years. i was impressed with their prices & decided to just buy my entire fall/winter wardrobe from this boutique. The costs was not much more than target. The quality was great. Best part is I just stood their while 3 girls 'worked' on me for 3 hours. They brought me tops, pants, shoes, scarfs, jewelry. Th only thing I regret is not taking a camera with me since I was there for 3 hours & can't remember everything they showed me.

Try some cute boutiques just to see some ideas of styles & what lookds best on you & if their prices are good then that would be a bonus. I will never shop anywhere else in fact I bought my entire summer wardrobe their recently too.


answers from Minneapolis on

I shop almost exclusively at Goodwill.

I'll go to Target for underwear or camis, the Gap outlet when I get a reward back from my Gap Visa (from groceries and my $80 gas tank), and Nordstrom for my bras.

Everything else I get at Goodwill. Tuesdays in MN is $1.49 for whatever color tag was 50% off on Sunday and Monday. I find that clothes are a better deal on Tuesdays. I am pretty picky, but my closet is filled with clothes from Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters, White House|Black Market, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft & Ann Taylor. I can find pretty much anything I need there and leave with 2 bags full of clothes and have only spent $25 - $30.



answers from New York on

depends on what you like. i am 36 and have been buying my clothes at banana republic, jcrew, and ann taylor for years. i like BR the best, i can go casual or something more serious/professional. they have great deals online almost weekly, with coupon offerings etc. just sign up for their email. also first go into a store to get an idea what size you are with their merchandise so that way you can order stuff online. they have free shipping over 50.


answers from Omaha on

I like shopping at NY&Company. They have great clothes and dress the manequins (sp) really cute. I pick my ideas off there sometimes. Since I had my kids I think I lost my fashion brain cells so I really need help. They have great deals. Never pay full price for clothes there since they always have sales. They have what is called City Cash. When you purchase something they'll give you this coupon that takes 15.00 off your next purchase. You can rack those up I had 4 of those once for 60.00 off. If they aren't giving out City Cash then they are always giving you coupons every time your purchase something. It will be like 30 dollars off your purchase of 100.00 or something like that.


answers from Kansas City on

Too many stores! :) It depends on your personal preference really.

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