Clothing for My 12 Month Old Daughter

Updated on May 13, 2010
N.T. asks from Johnstown, PA
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Does anyone know of anywhere cheap to get some summer clothing for my daughter. She is almost a yr old and wears sizes 9-18 months. We are tight on money and cannot afford to go out and buy new things. I live in johnstown pa and wasnt sure if anyone knew of anywhere to go or if anyone has some extra clothing they are not using. Thank you to anyone that can help!

West chester is almost 4 hours from me.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi N.. JCPennys has their Okie Dokie items on sale for $3.99 a piece this weekend. I like this brand because it is so easy to mix & match. Also, there is a community yard sale in New Florence on June 5th and there is usually a ton of baby & kid stuff there. Good Luck

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answers from Toledo on

Target is sometimes even cheaper than some twice but nice stores. I got my daughter some summer dresses for $5-6 each.


answers from Dallas on

Kid-to-kid, craigslist, freecycle, Once Upon a Child, salvation army, and goodwill are all good places to look.


answers from Provo on

Get onto! That's where i've gotten a lot of my son's clothes. That and thrift stores. I'm a single mom and am currently going to school and only working 10 hours a week (I live with my parents so I don't have to pay rent thank goodness!!) Thrift stores, craigslist and freecycle are my stores. That if you time out when you go shopping at the mall you can hit a lot of good clearance sales for the same price as a thrift store.
p.s. freecycle is a great way to do some spring cleaning too.



answers from Washington DC on

I have done ebay and gone to thrift stores with great success.



answers from Chicago on

Go on eBay. Shop for "girls lot 12-18 mos". People sell entire seasons or sizes of clothes in bulk. You usually get several pictures plus descriptions of the condition, brand, etc. It's a great way to get gently used clothes at a great price.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi N.,

I just made out like a bandit buying summer clothes for my niece. We went to several yard sales and there were even new items there. I use an all natural laundry detergent that actually kills staph, strep, H1N1 and most other things so I'm not scared of second hand clothes.

Most of them still had a price tag on them...




answers from Sioux Falls on

I got almost all my daughters clothes on ebay. We had really good luck with it. We could get a whole box of clothes for $30. People always commented that she had so many cute clothes, how could I afford it? Easy, when the average cost of an outfit was $1-2! I only had 1 mediocre shipment in the entire time.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would try craigslist, consignment stores and yard sales. I have some things that I was going to list on craigslist... how close are you to West Chester? (I have no idea where Johnstown is - I haven't lived in PA that long.)



answers from Indianapolis on

I am pretty snooty when it comes to brands & styles of my girls' clothes, but after years of spending $20-30 EACH piece, I now go to a place here called "Once Upon a Child." It's used kids' clothes, but they only accept good brands in perfect condition. My girls are 8 & 6, and they get Gap, Gymboree, Justice, Limited Too, Cherokee, etc. for $3-5 each item with few exceptions. I find that with used clothing I'm not freaking out about a stain, either, because I paid so little for it. See if there is a similar type place where you are....SO worth it!!



answers from Sarasota on is a good one


answers from Saginaw on

These suggestions are good, you might also want to do a search in your area for mom 2 mom sales. In my area they have them at our civic centers. Its nice to go one place and look through just childrens clothing.

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