Cloth Diapers in Summer

Updated on August 02, 2011
W.L. asks from Forest Hills, NY
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Are cloth diapers better for 10 month old boy in the summer? I've kept diaper rash in check for the most part by putting A&D, Butt Cream/Desitin every time I change his diaper. Would it be better if I switched to cloth for a couple months? If so, how many would you suggest I buy? I assume that he will still be in diapers next summer so perhaps it would make sense for me to get the one size kind. Any brand suggestions? Mainly about ease to put on, clean and looks.

Also, are the cloth diaper liners necessary? THANKS!

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answers from Chicago on

I have a 10 month daughter and I use cloth diapers during the day, pampers overnight. Right now, I have 8 medium size diapers (4 brand fuzzibunz and 4 brand bumgenius). I have fuzzibunz snap diapers, bumgenius snap diapers, and bumgenius velco diapers. The velcro definitely gets the best fit, but I know people say they wear out faster than the snaps will (although I've used them for about half a year without any problems). I haven't tried any other brands, but I think fuzzibunz and bumgenius are both very good.

According to the size charts, medium is supposed to go to 30 lbs, so that should be the only size you need. I think people buy the one size diapers so that they can use them from birth (medium would be way too big for a newborn), so I think you'd be okay with medium or one size (I've never used one size). The ones I use I think are called pocket diapers, when you buy them the inserts are included. I'd occasionally add an extra insert, but usually I just make sure to change my daughter's diaper often.

I think the cost is about $16-$20 per diaper. I bought all mine online from Target.

Here is a link with a video on how the fuzzibunz works:

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answers from Provo on

WELCOME to cloth diaper world!!!
Well I say go full time because it would just be better year round. With cloth there is so many brands. For optimal air supply to the bum, I would suggest natural fibers. Swaddlebees (aka blueberries) is super plush and soft. They use cotton veluer with bamboo/cotton inserts. These however are pricey. But they are GREAT for night time diapering. My uber wetter has yet to leak out of one at night.
Or there is the more traditional way to cloth diaper. It's super easy too. prefolds and covers. It's the second cheapest way to cloth diaper. My favorite cover brand it Thirsties or Flip. Uber cute too.
If you want easy to clean, I would suggest getting a diaper sprayer. I got one from ebay for $20 and It's great.
Diaper liners are what some people call a "luxery item". They aren't necissary. But if you still have the pudding poopy diapers, they make life easier to clean up. I would get a roll just in case you need to put cream on for any reason. They will protect the diaper from unsafe creams.
Join cloth diapering mommies on fb and you will get all the fact, suggestions you could ever want :D I'm one of the moderators and we love helping people :D

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answers from Buffalo on

We do cloth diapers just about full time (disposables are only for daycare 2 days each week)... before we started it was very overwhelming because there were sooo many options! There's all-in-ones, pocket diapers, ones with snap-in liners, etc.

We opted for the most basic - prefolds with covers. And no pins, we use Snappys to hold the cloth together. It was the cheapest option and has been so easy to do!!

After they were out of their tiny infant size prefolds, we got a larger size and they have been in them a long time, they're very adjustable depending on how much you fold them. The brand of diaper covers we liked best are Thirsties... and they're adjustable too with snaps to grow with the baby, so they've lasted a long time.

Even with cloth we deal with rashes sometimes (little side vent - its mostly when they go to my inlaws who don't change them often enough!)... the naturalness of cloth is great, my kids seem more comfortable in them than disposables, but they don't wick away the moisture as much as disposables do, so they're not quite as forgiving if you don't change them soon enough - can irritate their skin.

& everyone i asked about the diapers liners said they aren't necessary at all... so we never tried them, and i don't regret that.

Hope that helps! Feel free to message me with any other questions - i love talking cloth diapers :)

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